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Survive a Slasher Movie With the Final Girl Workout

Get in slasher movie shape in no time, with these Final Girl workout moves.

If you’ve seen "Final Girl" (a thriller-horror film), you’re probably aware that women training to defeat psychopathic killers must go through rigorous sweat sessions. From enduring (and dishing out) kicks, punches and other types of deadly blows, a routine that’ll help you survive slasher movie scenarios has got to be intense.

1. Sledgehammer Exercise

What better way to get buff and train your body to swing heavy objects at your attacker than sledgehammer training? Look for a fitness sledgehammer that’s heavy enough to make you work up a good sweat (somewhat difficult for you to swing). You’ll also need a large tire to swing the sledgehammer against. Aim to complete three to five sets 10 to 20 swings (for each arm) to tone, strengthen and improve self-defense skills.

2. High-Intensity Interval Training

Every horror movie involves someone trying to outrun his or her attacker, which is why high-intensity interval training comes in handy for "fight or flight" situations. Alternate sprints with slower jogs. Try at least 20 to 30 minutes of alternating 1-minute sprints with 1- to 2-minute slower jogs to build up speed and endurance—for nail-biting escapes requiring quickness.

3. Boxing

Want to learn self-defense kicks and punches, and get a good sweat-session going? Try boxing (or kickboxing) workouts to boost strength, tighten and tone. Work out with gloves and a punching bag to pack some power in your punches (and kicks). Try a kickboxing class (or video) to learn how to attack or defend yourself. You’ll practice uppercuts, jabs, front kicks, side kicks, hooks, speed bag punches and much more.

4. Karate

Similar to kickboxing, karate is another intense workout that builds toughness and character. You’ll practice chops, punches, kicks, jumps, other attack moves, balance and mental focus—all of which are necessary to defeat any opponent. You’ll reap increases in strength, flexibility and body awareness like never before.

5. Sled Pulls/Pushes

The strength you’ll experience from sled push/pull training is like no other. Find a fitness sled with a rope or strap attached to one end, and stack weight on top of it. Push the sled 20 to 30 yards. Then, tie the rope around your waist and pull the sled back toward your starting point. Repeat the exercise for three to five sets.

6. Box Jumps

Box jumps help get your body into tip-top shape (and tighten up your bootie) to help you escape from attackers, burning buildings, and other dangerous situations you'd see in slasher movies. Find a wooden plyometric box that accommodates box jumps. Use your arms for momentum and jump up onto the box (both feet at a time); then jump back down to the ground. Complete three to five sets of 10 to 20 reps.

7. Pull-ups

While many of the pros make pull-ups look easy, few Americans can do even one pull-up. Practice by doing as many pull-ups as you can during each workout. Assist yourself by wrapping a resistance band around your pull-up bar (by your feet) to make your body feel lighter. Once you’ve conquered resistance band-assisted pull-ups, work your way up to doing unassisted pull-ups. Aim to complete three to five sets of 10 to 20 reps after a few weeks of training.

8. Tire Flipping

A functional workout you won’t be sorry you incorporated into your slasher movie routine is tire flipping. Use the same tire you already have on hand for sledgehammer training, and make sure it’s heavy enough to really be challenging. Flip the tire over and over in a straight line for 20 to 30 yards. Work up to completing three to five sets if you can. It’s a grueling task, but you’ll reap strength and fitness benefits like never before.

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