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The Benefits of Stretching after a Period of Inactivity

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Whether you've been unable to workout for a few months, too busy at work to make it to the gym or simply taking a break from working out, there are some benefits of stretching that can get your body ready to exercise in the future. If you've done any exercising in the past, then you know that stretching is very important. Stretching allows your body to get prepared for exercise. It also prepares your muscles to get a work out. But, there are some really good benefits of stretching for people who have been inactive for a long time, too.

Here are some of the ways that stretching can help you if you haven't worked out in awhile:

Stretching Provides Your Muscles With Elasticity

When your muscles haven't done any activity in a long time, they tighten up and are not used to any movements outside of the normal movements that you make. Chances are, if you're not doing activity, you really haven't pushed your muscles at all since your last trip to the gym. However, stretching is one way to make your muscles feel good again. By stretching your muscles, you loosen them up and give yourself improved flexibility. As a result, you'll likely be able to make additional movements with your body and your regular movements will feel better as well. Loosening up your muscles gradually is also a great way to ease your way back into an exercise routine.

Stretching Releases Toxins From Your Muscles

If you fail to stretch or work out for a long time, there's a good chance that toxins will build up in your muscles. The only way to really get them out is to stretch them out. By stretching, you can help to release these toxins. And by drinking plenty of water, you can flush them all the way out of your system.

Stretching Improves Blood Flow to Your Muscles

Because you're not working any of your muscles during times of inactivity, there is no need for a whole lot of blood to flow through them. But, stretching your muscles out gives you the opportunity to get the blood flowing through your muscles again.

Stretching Improves Posture, Range of Motion and Circulation

Assuming you plan on resuming exercise one day, stretching after a period of inactivity can start to help your body get adjusted. Stretching slowly can help you to improve your posture. It can also allow your muscles to bend and flex in ways that they couldn't during your period of inactivity. This will help you dramatically when you decide to resume activity.

Using Stretching to Your Advantage

For the most part, there is nothing strenuous about stretching. However, there are many benefits that can help your body. If you have not been active recently, try to incorporate stretching into your daily routine. It takes just a few minutes, but it is virtually painless and can help get you back into shape. Take your time when you stretch and feel your muscles respond to your stretching. They will likely feel sore at first, but over time, stretching can help you to get back into exercising.

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