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DDP Yoga: Do the Results Match the Hype?

But is DDP Yoga actually worth your time and money? Does it actually work?

Yoga has become one of the most popular forms of exercise in the Western world. More and more studios are offering Yoga classes, with many unique forms of Yoga springing up — everything from Aerial Yoga to Ballet Yoga to Ganja Yoga!

DDP Yoga is one of the "new Yoga" styles, created and conceived by the last person you'd expect: Diamond Dallas Page, ex-pro wrestler. The DDP Yoga program is one that appeals to men rather than women (like most yoga practices do). In fact, it was created with men in mind and is a lot more active than the average Yoga class.

DDP Yoga comes in a 4-DVD set, with 11 workouts that range from easy to incredibly challenging. Each session runs for about 40 minutes, and the workout is designed to be done over the course of 13 weeks. With the DVD set comes a nutritional guide and a quick intro to the basic Yoga poses.

But is DDP Yoga actually worth your time and money? Does it actually work?

Let's take a look at the fitness element of DDP Yoga first. The workout claims to be "comparable … to running on a treadmill, or the asphalt, but with no impact." The Yoga postures used in the workout are all fairly simple, even for beginners who are struggling with both flexibility and balance. Though the names have been changed to sound more manly, the Yoga poses are mostly familiar basic poses: Warrior Pose, Child's Pose, Triangle Pose, Pigeon Pose, and so on. There are a few unique poses that involve dynamic strength training moves, something that is not included in most Yoga sessions. These moves will help to build strength in a way no amount of flow or Hot Yoga ever could.

The pace of the DDP Yoga sessions is much faster than your basic Ashtanga Yoga training. You will find that the workout is surprisingly intense, engaging your upper body and leg muscles very efficiently. The workout focuses on each exercise to ensure that you get a full-body workout with every session. By the end of those 40 minutes, your heart will be thumping and your lungs burning. It may not be as good as a HIIT training session, but it is a good addition to a fitness routine.

One of the good things about DDP Yoga is that it encourages trainees to go at their own pace. You wear a heart monitor to keep your pulse in the "target heart rate zone". If you go too high, you're encouraged to take a break. Drop too low, and it's time to kick things up a notch. The trainer gives you alternatives to the more difficult poses, so you can work out properly regardless of strength and flexibility.

DDP Yoga may not live up to all its claims (such as promising six-pack abs or amazing fat burning), but it's definitely one of the best Yoga workouts for men to try.

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