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3 Groin Stretches to Try before Working Out

Fitday Editor

Groin stretches constitute an ideal means to help prevent injury to your groin when you're working out. You want to stretch the adductor muscles of your thigh to decrease the chances of getting a groin injury. Groin stretches are meant to prevent the slender muscles of the inner thigh and groin from being pulled or strained whenever you do a sport or exercise. The next time you work out, don't take anything for granted: Do some groin stretches before your workout so that you will not have any painful consequences later on.

1. Seated Groin Stretch

The first groin stretch to try before working out is the seated groin stretch. It involves sitting down on the ground with knees bent and feet held together in a criss-cross fashion. Use your elbows to press down the tops of your knees towards the ground for additional pressure and stretch; your knees will be on the ground already. As soon as you feel a slight stretch, stop this motion; this is an important instruction because it will keep you from hurting yourself. When you feel the slight stretch, hold it for a time less than 10 seconds. Repeat the seated groin stretch a total of five times. Now you'll be ready to tackle your workout with greater confidence and a reduced chance of getting hurt. The great part about this groin stretch is how little time you have to invest in it. All it takes is a little more than a minute, and you've prepared yourself effectively for your workout.

2. Supine Stretch

Like the seated stretch position, you begin on the floor for the supine stretch, too. Here you just lie down on the floor, bend your knees and keep your feet together in a criss-cross fashion. Begin to slowly stretch your legs toward the space in front of you. Don't overdo this stretch; stop the motion as soon as you feel a slight stretch. Keep holding this stretch at the point where you feel the slight stretch for a total of 10 seconds. When you're done with one stretch, repeat it for a total of five times.

3. Standing Stretch

Begin this stretch by standing with both of your legs at shoulder's width apart. Shift your weight to one side of your body, and as you do this, bend your knee slightly, too. As soon as you start to feel even the slightest stretch in the opposite leg, stop the motion. Keep this stretched position for a total not exceeding 10 seconds. You can repeat this motion on the same leg up to additional times. Finally, do the same sequence of steps for the opposite leg.

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