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The Best Apps to Track Your Diet


Advancements in technology have enhanced the weight loss experience. You now have the power to track your fitness progress with the aid of several revolutionary health apps. Calorie counting might not be a popular pastime, but it's one of the most important aspects of weight loss. Your smartphone can help you lose weight by tracking your daily nutritional intake. If you're currently struggling with weight loss or need a more efficient method of tracking your diet, a dieting app might be right for you. The following details five effective smartphone apps to help you track your diet.


MyFitnessPal is renowned for its vast food database, which tracks both calories and nutritional content. This totally free application is available for both iPhone and Android users. It features a wide array of various food options that can help you make informed dieting decisions and make weight loss easier to achieve. MyFitnessPal also flaunts a resourceful social community that makes improving your fitness level a shared experience.


Fooducate is an interactive app that educates users on the nutritional value of foods by implementing a scan-based ratings system. This app is especially resourceful while grocery shopping. Simply scan an item's barcode to receive additional health-related information not included in the item's listed nutritional facts. Fooducate's efficient method of tracking the benefits (and non-benefits) of certain food items will help you make smart purchasing decisions.


LoseIt is a popular weight loss app that incorporates a variety of activity trackers, like FitBit and Nike Fuelband. LoseIt's unique, customized approach to fitness can help you plan meals and create healthy recipes. It's systematic method of helping user track calories is centered on the idea of measuring portion sizes so that overeating becomes a non-issue. LoseIt makes improving your overall level of fitness an interactive process with other app users by implementing a "challenges" tab. LoseIt is available for free in the app store, although a new LoseIt Premium version is also available for $40 per year.

Eat This, Not That! The Game

Sometimes, the best method of achieving a greater level of overall fitness is to make weight loss a game. Eat This, Not That! is a free app that enables users to gain important knowledge regarding their dieting decisions, especially in lose-lose situations. If you're planning your next cheat meal, Eat This, Not That! can help you choose the lesser of two evils. This game will help you eliminate poor eating choices by educating you on the nutritional content of junk foods.


If games aren't your preferred method of gaining fitness knowledge pertaining to your diet, the CRON-O-Meter app might be best suited for you. This easy-to-use application will help you track your diet by analyzing the nutritional content of various foods. CRON-O-Meter, like many fitness apps, is customizable to your fitness goals. It will help you track what you eat and how much you eat on an everyday basis. It also provides charts to demonstrate your progress over time. Like most dieting apps, CRON-O-Meter aims to make weight loss easier to achieve by helping improve your knowledge of the foods you consume.


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