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Medicine Ball: Nine Exercises for Arm Strength

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A medicine ball is a great exercise tool. It can be used for a total body workout because it tones and strengthens muscles as well as burns fat. It gives some variety to a stale routine and is easily adapted to fit your exercise needs. Medicine balls are available in various weights and sizes. If you are just beginning to use a medicine ball, opt for the lighter weights and work your way up.

Medicine balls give you a great workout for your arms. As you do the following exercises, remember that control is the most important aspect of a medicine ball routine. Speed and form should not be sacrificed for the sake of more repetitions. Quality is more important than quantity.

1. Straight Arm Standing Throws

Plant your feet with one foot a step behind the other. Bring the ball above and a little behind your head with your arms extended and hands high. Step forward and throw the ball while keeping your arms straight through the entire motion.

2. Lay Back Double Arm Throw

Place a separate large medicine ball behind your lower back to protect it during this floor exercise. Lean back with your arms fully extended over your head holding another medicine ball. Keeping your arms straight, throw the ball.

3. Chest Push

Keep your feet planted together. Hold the medicine ball in front of your chest with your hands behind the ball and your elbows out. Step forward and push the ball up and out as you throw it.

4. Biceps Curls

Standing with your feet hip distance apart, hold the medicine ball in front of your body slightly below your waist. Contract your biceps to curl the ball up to your chest, then slowly lower it.

5. Overhead Triceps Extensions

Stand with your feet hip-distance apart. Hold the ball with both hands behind your head. As you keep your elbows in place, raise the ball and extend your arms. Slowly lower.

6. Front Deltoid Raises

Keep your feet hip distance apart. With your arms straight down, hold the ball in front of your body. Lift the ball so that your arms are straight out in front of your body and parallel with the floor, then slowly lower it.

7. Wall Throws

Stand 6 to 8 feet away from the wall, and aim for a few feet above its base. Stand with your feet hip width apart as you hold the ball over your head with both hands. Use your core to throw the ball to your target on the wall.

8. Single Arm Throw

Stand with your feet shoulder distance apart. Hold the medicine ball between your feet. Using one arm, extend your lower half to throw the ball in the air. Make sure that the medicine ball is traveling straight up and not backwards.

9. Over the Back Cross

Stand with your feet hip width apart. Keeping your arms straight, hold the ball with both hands overhead. Bring it down to your knees as you squat. As it reaches your knees, lift throughout your body to throw the ball up and back over your head.

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