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Ride Your Way to Fitness: New Cycling Classes


Cycling is one heck of a fun way to get in your cardio workout without spending hours on the treadmill! Not only is it easier on your knees and back, but there are a lot of awesome workouts you can do on the stationary bike.

2015 is a great year for cycling! Here are a few awesome cycling classes you can look into:

  • Soul Cycle -- This was one of the hottest cycling classes in Hollywood in 2014, though definitely one of the most costly! Soul Cycle combines upbeat music with high-octane cycling, enabling you to burn as much as 1,000 calories in a single hour.
  • Club Cycle -- Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Club Cycle combines spinning with a live DJ. Cyclists push themselves hard to a DJ spinning their favorite tunes, making it half workout, half party. There's even a disco ball to set the mood!
  • The Cycling Yogi -- Imagine a combination of spinning and yoga, and you get a good idea of what The Cycling Yogi is like. Located in Lakewood, Colorado, this unique style of cycling helps you stretch and flex while you pedal your heart out.
  • The Green MicroGym -- Located in Portland, Oregon, this cycling class focuses on generating green energy rather than burning calories. Cyclists have a computer display mounted on their bike, showing how much energy they have generated. It's a great way to push yourself hard and protect the planet!
  • Thrive -- This Chattanooga, Tennessee cycling studio combines fast-paced cycling with upbeat music, but it also adds handheld weights into the mixture for a full body workout. As you pedal your heart out, you also curl, press, and lift to give your arms, chest, shoulders, and back better definition.
  • Psycle -- Yet another Pittsburgh studio, Psycle offers high tech bikes and a workout that will kick your butt into high gear. It's similar to the average spinning class, but the studio provides TRX bands and kettlebells for a full body workout at the same time.
  • Swerve Fitness -- For those with a competitive streak, Swerve Fitness in New York City offers a unique cycling class that allows you to literally outpace your competition. Participants are divided into three groups, and the stats are displayed on a wall-mounted scoreboard. Stats include calories burned, distance cycled, speed, etc., and you earn both bragging rights and an emailed account of your progress in every class.
  • Climaxx Cycling -- Located in Ontario, Canada, Climaxx offers a range of cycling programs, ranging from "Real Cycling" with hardcore spinning session to "Core Ride" with core strengthening movements included in the workout.
  • Kiwi Sweat -- Interested in a new, unique way to cycle? Kiwi Sweat offers impromptu "pop-up" classes all around NYC, allowing you to work out at a myriad of gyms around the city without having to pay membership -- it's on a per class basis. The instructors are world-class, the music is epic, and the scenery is never the same!
If your goal for 2015 is to get in shape, you'll love these brand new cycling classes -- a fresh approach to getting in shape on your bike.

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