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PSA: Maybe Don't Clean Your Vagina With a Cucumber

Cucumbers have a lot of uses: pickles, salads, calming down puffy eyes. But as a vagina cleaner? Not so much. It seems that another douche tool has gained some notoriety and doctors are actually having to tell people not to put cucumbers in their vagina.

It sounds like it should go without saying in a day and age where vaginas are known to be magical self-cleaning ovens. Yet somehow people manage to convince women that their vaginas are in need of help. And a cucumber is just the thing to do the job.

Directions from various sources involve warming up a peeled cucumber by letting it sit in the vagina anywhere from 20 minutes to overnight to “sanitize and minimize odor.”

While cleaning may seem like a good idea, sticking anything in your vagina is likely to upset the natural balance and leaving you with a greater risk of infections, including sexually transmitted ones. Also, with the pH balance off, things will likely get stinkier, not sweeter smelling.

If your vagina smells really funky, head to a doctor for some actual healthcare advice. Cucumbers are not actually a cure-all and they’re pretty dirty considering that vegetables often have diseases, dirt, and other microorganisms that can’t be quickly gotten rid of with a quick rinse in the sink.

Rather than focusing on vagina facials or ways to upset the delicate balance of your lady parts, you don’t have to avoid cucumbers completely. But instead of douching with them, try eating cucumbers. The water-dense fruit has a lot of nutritional value and adds crunch to recipes. Eating a healthy diet may help balance your vagina so that odor-causing bacteria doesn’t build up. Just remember that some funk is perfectly normal. Using foreign objects and douches as a cleaning mechanism is just silly.

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