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Phytosomes: Herbal Compounds That Can Cure What Ails You

Fitday Editor
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Ever heard of the phytosome? Scientists have formulated these chemicals and new products are now hitting the shelves. A phytosome is a chemical compound that combines herbal extracts with an ingredient that makes it more effective.

A new door is opening for research into areas like cancer, heart disease, inflammatory disease and more. We are able to make a variety of phytosomes from different herbs. That means we can look more closely at how these herbs prevent and treat disease.

Here are some examples of phytosomes on the market:

Grape Seed Extract Phytosome
All the wonderful properties of Grape Seed Extract are now more wonderful when they are made into a phytosome. The most well known antioxidant in Grape Seed Extract is called proanthocyanidin. Researchers on heart disease are looking into the potential benefits of this compound for strengthening blood vessels and preventing damage by free radicals.

Green Tea Extract Phytosome
Researchers are looking at how green tea extract may help prevent cancer. It is also being for its ability to lower cholesterol, protect the heart, and reduce platelet aggregation. While drinking green tea has beneficial effects on overall health, a more potent and effective form of green tea supplement is the phytosome extract.

Meriva® - Turmeric Extract Phytosome
The beneficial photochemicals in turmeric are collectively called "curcuminoids". Research into curcumin as an antioxidant reveals that it works only in mega doses. Now that the phytosome turmeric extract is available, the benefits are much more noticeable with less supplementing. This has opened up research into the possibility that it may be used to help treat Osteoarthritis. In a recent clinical trial, this phytosome has been shown to improve mobility, pain relief, and overall quality of life when used in combination with prescription treatments. (1)

Phytosomes Improve Absorption
The phytosome compound simply improves the effectiveness of certain herbal extracts. They do so by improving absorption. We absorb more of a phytosome than we would the original herbal extract. We get more of the medicine into our blood stream and to the areas of the body that need it most.

The Best Is Yet To Come
Since phytosomes are relatively new to science, it will take time to fully research the benefits of these compounds. In the meantime, supplements are available in your health food store that contain phytosome extracts of many common herbs. Milk Thistle, Gingko, & Hawthorn are other examples of phytosome supplements available already. but in a more potent way.

What is an Herbal Extract?

Herbal extracts are formulas that are made out of the herb. They usually contain a minimum of the active ingredient. For example, the active ingredient in Ginkgo called "flavonol glycosides" will be extracted. Then the final product is guaranteed to have a minimum amount of this extract (standardized extract). Herbal extracts are a way to take herbs for therapeutic purposes and have a guarantee of quality. They are also usually the forms utilized by researchers in clinical trials.

(1) Belcaro G., Cesarone M.R., Dugall M. et al., Product-evaluation registry of Meriva®, a curcumin-phosphadidylcholine complex, for the complementary management of osteoarthritis, Panminerva Medica 2010 Giugno;52(2 Suppl 1).55-62.

Aaron Ander is a holistic health care consultant and educator with a background in nutrition, iridology, reiki, biochemistry, and muscle testing. With many personal health challenges as a child, Aaron struggled his way to good health and overcame disease using natural means alone. This success led to a diploma in Applied Holistic Nutrition and a relentless pursuit of the roots of illness. He has visited and lived on organic farms in an effort to understand what constitutes a truly holistic life. Aaron currently lives with family in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada, where he writes articles for the holistic health community and has a healing practice. To contact Aaron please visit

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