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On a Budget? 5 Alternatives to Getting a Trainer

Get all the encouragement and inspiration you need sans hefty price tag.

If you're anything like me, you know how hard it can be to keep up with a weekly workout. We struggle to find motivation to push harder, and it's boring to do the same exercises over and over. Thankfully, personal trainers provide us with the motivation, variety, and even the encouragement we need. Trainers can make your gym experience so much more enjoyable.

But what if you're on a budget and can't spare the cash to pay the pricey trainer fees? Thankfully, I've found a few simple and effective alternatives to getting a trainer.

YouTube Videos

Instead of working out at the gym, try taking your workout home and using YouTube videos to find new routines. You can find a new workout every day, pushing yourself in new and creative ways on a daily basis. There's no risk of demotivation and boredom because there are literally millions of videos on YouTube. It's easy to get a new workout routine and a new video trainer every day.

Workout Apps

Head over to iTunes or Google Play and you'll find yourself scrolling through thousands of workout apps. Many of them come with visual instructions (videos, images, or GIFs) on how to do each workout, as well as a complete workout structure. You can use multiple apps or stick with one — all that matters is that the apps provide you with the variety, encouragement, and structure needed to get through your daily workout.

Online Communities

There are thousands of Tumblrs, fitness blogs, fitness websites, and Facebook Groups revolving around fitness to choose from. You can also join fitness forums and online communities dedicated to workouts, training, and getting in shape. You'll find a wealth of resources through these communities, and possibly even friends in your area to work out with. Many fitness trainers run virtual communities and forums. It's easy to get access to the resources you need for a better workout.

Train With a Friend

Got a friend who has spent years training at the gym? Get them to train you for free! It may be a bit odd obeying your friend's instructions at the gym, but you'll get used to it. Your friend's experience could benefit you, and you can get in shape using the exercises and workout methods that worked for them. Plus, your friend can help motivate you to keep working and pushing harder.

Video Chat Trainers

Did you know there are trainers who will give you a training session via Skype or FaceTime? Their fees may not be significantly lower than the personal trainers you work with at a gym, but you can train at home (thus avoiding gym fees). The internet makes it so much easier to get in shape without having to leave your house, and there's no need to have a trainer come to your home in person when they can work with your via video chat.

These options can help you to get in a workout, but the truth is that they're only second best. In the long run, it's worth paying a bit more for a personal trainer at the gym to help you whip your body into shape!

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