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Namasdrake Plus 7 More of the Strangest Workout Classes

"Just hold on we're going om."

From very specific music choices to crazy acrobatics, there is pretty much a workout class for that in any major city. Basically, if it can get people moving, then it’s probably a workout class somewhere. Take a look at some of the strangest workout classes.

1. If you like the music of Drake, and you like yoga, then Namasdrake is the perfect workout class for you. It’s only in select cities, but given the popularity of both Drake and yoga, it could catch on.

2. Trampoline classes take your backyard bounce to the next level. Some workouts are at trampoline warehouses, so you have your own giant bounce. Other tramp classes take place at gyms, using individual mini-trampolines so that you can mimic the moves in your living room.

3. Doga gets your four-legged friend in on the joy of stretching. Classes help both you and your furry buddy relax and stretch, individually and together.

4. FarmFitness is a British workout class that uses farm equipment as an obstacle course, on a real farm.

5. If you want to feel the force by training like an especially fit Jedi, then check out the Awaken Your Force, a Stars Wars-themed workout class available at select New York Sports Club locations.

6. Have you ever found yourself singing along to the blasting tunes of your spin class? Singing may make the burn a little easier, so check out some of the Karaoke Cycle classes at select Crunch gyms.

7. At an Oregon farm, you can do yoga in the fields. With goats wandering around and cuddling up as you move through a series of poses. The classes are surprisingly popular with a lengthy waiting list.

8. Animal Flow doesn’t actually involve animals; it just draws on beasts as inspiration for the moves in the class. Apparently, you can burn a lot of calories channeling wild ones.

[Image via Namasdrake // Facebook]

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