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Is the Squatty Potty Right for You?

Did you know that you probably are pooping incorrectly?

Did you know that you probably are pooping incorrectly? The inventor of the Squatty Potty is on a mission to get people pooping properly. You’ve probably heard of the catchy name, maybe on late night infomercials or surfing the web. By all accounts, it’s a pretty clever device designed to help ease the strain of modern day pooping. And pooping is important. Clearing the colon is thought to help reduce the risk of colon cancer. Plus, it just feels satisfying. But is the Squatty Potty really the solution?

The Squatty Potty is basically a step that is designed to fit around the edge of your toilet. This way, instead of having a seat on the toilet, your knees are elevated and you are suddenly in a squatting position. This changes the angle of your body and allows things to flow more freely. And it’s nice to be free flowing instead of bottled up.

Lack of fiber, lack of water, stress and general lack of attention to diet generally equates to constipation. And constipation equates to a lot of time spent straining on the toilet. By enabling a more direct angle, the Squatty Potty helps to reduce some of that strain and the health issues that come with it (hemorrhoids, pelvic floor dysfunction, etc).

According to the company lore, squatting is a more natural position for pooping than sitting. They point to cavemen and early toilets (holes) that were designed for use while squatting. Also, kids in diapers tend to squat when pooping — also an indication that they need a new diaper. So is the natural way the better way?

Most likely. Most users of the Squatty Potty tend to be impressed with how quickly they adapt to it. And while it may not be necessary, if you have bowel issues, it’s definitely worth a try as it can help take some of the edge off pooping further down the line. As a bonus, parents with kids that are potty training have also found it to be a convenient tool.

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