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I'm Sick, Can I Exercise?

Fitday Editor

Is it really a good idea to buff up even when we are sick? Doesn't it appear like we always catch those flu, colds and fever whenever we begin training for an athletic event or maybe start a new workout routine?

So you get up early on a Monday morning to start the week and notice this little scratchy throat and then begin to feel a wee bit more tired compared to your usual mornings. Tuesday comes and here you are with an annoying sore throat, aching joints and drowsy feeling.

Working out vs. Resting

You have already worked enough in arranging your hectic work week to fit in those workout sessions for at least three to four times. You may have arranged with your personal trainer already, the baby sitter is booked and your lunch shifted for like an hour around. The last thing that you would expect is getting sick.

Can working out help relieve or fend off a flu or cold attack? You may be afraid of slowing down and having your entire week fall apart. Most people think that if they ignore their present ill feeling, it will just simply disappear. Well, this can be the case for some but definitely does not apply for all. There are experts saying that if you continue to perform your routine even when you're sick, you might end up missing more days of your workout sessions.

Exercising while under the weather may be a good idea but most experts are saying that it should depend on your illness and also the kind of exercise routine you intend to do. There are many people who find exercising as a form of treatment and relief from their respective illnesses. The effect of workout routines on people may vary personally.

If a flu or cold interrupts your time at the gym, then you are better off taking some rest instead of sweating it all out. Try to forget about the things you have heard like perspiring your way to get back in better shape. Always remember that this is not the way the body fights off infections and diseases. The body isn't able to get rid of those toxins and bacteria by just sweating it all out. The immune system uses specialized cells that engulfs, detoxifies and breaks the bad guys. The body's immune system performs efficiently when it is not stressed out.

There are research studies stating that fitness programs are beneficial to the immune system but scientists have also noted that one rigorous workout session can also make you more at risks for viral and bacterial infections.

Make sure you listen to your body when you feel ill and find the need to rest. A rigorous workout can definitely impair your defense system making the body more susceptible to unwelcomed elements that could make things worse.

Take some day off from the gym and nurture your body back to good health. If you can't avoid it, then try lighter workout routines. Instead of heading to the gym, stay home to avoid contaminating the others with your illness.

Charmaine Ann Enerio is a registered nurse and a freelance writer in Manila, Philippines. Currently, she specializes in neonatal intensive care and in health & wellness. As an advocate of women's health, Charmaine is planning on pursuing a degree in midwifery that would focus more on helping women before, during and after their pregnancies. Writing has always been her passion and has been an editor ever since her high school years. A good thing about Charmaine is the way she balances her career as a health care professional and as a writer. Nursing has given her the chance to serve her fellow countrymen and also write about her various experiences. As a medical professional, she focuses more on holistic and patient centered care. Charmaine is blessed with a wonderful family and a loving fiancé. Check out her blog site at

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