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How to Throw a Healthy Dinner Party

Dinner parties are a social event, but there is always the issue of what to cook, especially if you're trying to be healthy. It may seem like the options are drastically reduced when it comes to finding a delicious meal that is also nutritious and won't make your guests go up a pant size, but in reality, it's very easy to throw a dinner party, all you need are a few simple tips.

Firstly, it's best to plan ahead of time and ask your dinner guests if they have any allergies. This may seem like an annoying task but it's important to ensure that there is something for all your guests to eat (besides a bland salad on the side).

Don't try to be too inventive. If you're not a pro chef or a whiz in the kitchen then don't try to impress by making something overly complicated, instead, stick to what you do well. This will help reduce the stress on the evening because you already know how it will turn out.

And now for the healthy aspect of the meal. One of the easiest ways to ensure that a meal is healthier is to downsize the portions. We don't want you to leave your guests hungry, but often people eat a lot more than they need to at one sitting, and this will help everyone get in check with portion size. You can also ensure that everyone is full by upping the options for your starters, these could include a snack plate filled with carrot and celery sticks, accompanied by hummus or low-fat cottage cheese. If that sounds a little too bland then get creative with mini crustless quiches, or a quinoa stuffed mushroom and a fresh leafy salad.

And when it comes to salads, it's best to avoid the bottled dressings and make your own—there is usually so much sugar hiding in those bottles dressings. The internet is filled with recipes for healthy dressings that you can make from scratch and this way you can keep track of all of the ingredients that have gone into making it.

Dessert? Absolutely! There are so many healthier options for dessert like greek yogurt and mangoes, stuffed baked apples, or homemade oat cookies.

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