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How to Start Working Out (If You Haven’t Since High School Gym Class)

When you haven’t worked it in a while, be it a month or years, it can be hard to get into the habit. From finding the time to finding the motivation, too often people push themselves too hard at first and ultimately burn out within a few sweat sessions only to repeat the cycle again and again.

To make working out a part of your life on a long-term basis, try the following.

1. Love Where You’re Starting From

If you have a far-out goal of what you want to look like, fit into, be able to do, it can be hard to appreciate it once it happens. If you start out with some type of peace about your current state, then it can only get better.

2. Keep Track of How Far You've Come

Track your progress with selfies, measurements, a journal, etc. so that you can celebrate each milestone accordingly. Like with a new workout outfit.

3. Set Small Goals

Rather than think you’d like to be a fitness model in a month, set small achievements that celebrate however much you are capable of and grow from their. This way you won’t get discouraged and will enjoy the journey that gets you in shape. Plank challenges or building up reps or weights are good starts. Make small lifestyle changes small too so that you don’t feel overwhelmed — like waking up 30 minutes early for a walk around the block or drinking water instead of soda. Continue adding small challenges and changes so that eventually you’re trying new classes at the gym and fitness is fully a part of your life.

4. Be Ready To Restart If/When You Fail

Be prepared to fail and then start again. Just because you hit snooze in the morning doesn’t mean you can’t find 30 minutes later in the day. Acknowledge you slipped up and then go from there with a fresh start.

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