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How to Get the Most Out of ClassPass

ClassPass is a genius fitness tool that you probably never knew you needed but now can’t live without. The only problem is that in some ways, ClassPass is like joining a gym. It’s good for you and you always mean to use it, but it may actually be more of a drain on your wallet than a boost to your health if you’re not using it as much as you could.

By taking advantage of the subscription service, you get access to boutique fitness classes and can change up your activity so that you never get bored with your workout. But you might find that for one reason or another you miss a class. Knowing tricks like planning your workout 12 hours in advance, rather than a week advance will allow you to scoop up a spot that someone else has dropped.

Alternating your days off can also help increase your chances of getting into a class. Most people take weekend days off, so if you add in a weekend you can avoid crowded workday classes.

Many people forget that ClassPass is a travel tool. So when you go out of town, you just change your location and you can still use your ClassPass.

Change up your workout. West coasters tend to want to workout early. But if you hit a class on the way home from work, you may find yourself with more openings.

Get outdoors—classes aren’t limited to inside studios.

Set a reminder so that you know when to sign up for classes.

Use the app—it tends to be faster than the website.

Use all the facilities at the gym or fitness studio—your ClassPass gets you into not only the class but also steam rooms, saunas, and locker rooms.

To get your money’s worth, taking at least four classes a month makes ClassPass worth it.

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