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Tips for Keeping Your Heart Healthy

Fitday Editor

The heart is a special organ in the body that keeps your blood moving through veins and help keep your cells running smoothly and efficiently. This fist sized organ also controls your blood's oxygen and carbon dioxide levels. When your heart is not functioning efficiently, the entire body system is in jeopardy. Therefore, having a healthy heart is imperative for a healthy and happy life.

Heart and circulatory diseases are among the leading causes of mortality in the world. The daily diet, lifestyle and physical activity choices you have significantly contribute to heart health. Individuals who practice unhealthy regimen of smoking, sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits are more likely to develop heart diseases. Here are few easy tips to keep your heart healthy.

Laugh More

According to a study that was conducted by the University of Maryland, people who watch funny TV shows have healthier hearts compared to individuals who watch drama all the time. There are also several cardiologists who recommend at least 15 minutes of laughter.

Reduce Your Fatty Food Intake

There are fatty acids that are essential for your health, but too much of it can be detrimental to your heart. An increased level of saturated fats affects your cholesterol levels. Polyunsaturated fats are the ones who can actually reduce the cholesterol in the bloodstream. Fish oils and sunflower seed oils are actually good for the heart.

Avoid the salt!

Adequate sodium intake is vital in the body but too much of it leads to an increased blood pressure level. This will only add more stress to your heart and make it pump harder. Keep your sodium intake in moderation for a healthier heart.

Deep Breathe on a Daily Basis

According to some researchers, deep breathing exercises can lower the blood pressure. Shallow breathing could delay the body's salt excretion, which is a high blood pressure stimulating factor.

Maintain a Active Lifestyle

Exercise serves as the key for improving overall physical wellness. Any kind of exercise can help strengthen your heart muscles, even if it doesn't make you ready for a Speedo or a bikini. Experts recommend that you exercise for at least twenty minutes, thrice a week at an intense level. Or you can do half an hour, five times a week on a moderate pace.

Try to Avoid Those Extra Love Handles

Extra pounds can add stress to your heart so make sure your increased waist line still has enough blood to survive. Try to keep your weight under control to keep the heart muscles healthy.

Stop Smoking

Heart diseases that are related to smoking account for about half a million deaths every year. Smokers have higher risk for developing fatty plaque deposits in their arteries that will eventually lead to heart attack and stroke.

Release Your Stress

Stress is not good for the mind and body. Proper rest and relaxation will help your body release tension and also keeps your blood pressure parameters at normal rates. Stress can also lower immune function and increase the risks for many diseases.
Keeping a healthy heart is a great investment that will reap a longer and healthier life. Don't wait until tomorrow- practice heart healthiness today!

Charmaine Ann Enerio is a registered nurse and a freelance writer in Manila, Philippines. Currently, she specializes in neonatal intensive care and in health & wellness. As an advocate of women's health, Charmaine is planning on pursuing a degree in midwifery that would focus more on helping women before, during and after their pregnancies. Writing has always been her passion and has been an editor ever since her high school years. A good thing about Charmaine is the way she balances her career as a health care professional and as a writer. Nursing has given her the chance to serve her fellow countrymen and also write about her various experiences. As a medical professional, she focuses more on holistic and patient centered care. Charmaine is blessed with a wonderful family and a loving fiancé. Check out her blog site at

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