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How to Get a Cardio Barre Workout At Home

Cardio Barre combines two amazing forms of exercise: aerobic training and barre (ballet) training. Though it may seem graceful and flowing, barre is actually one of the most intense, demanding forms of exercise around. If you want to strengthen your core, build muscular endurance, and shred your lower body muscle, you'd do well to try barre.

Thankfully, you don't need to go to a dance studio to learn. You can do your own barre workout at home with the following exercises:

Relevé Plié

This exercise is amazing for your lower body, specifically your quads and glutes. However, the wide, open stance works the outside of your thigh muscles and improves hip mobility. Stand behind a chair (gripping it if needed), with your feet in "first position" and your posture straight and erect. Bend your knees outward over your toes as you plie (half-squat), then return to your original position. Stay on your toes the entire time for a killer calf workout!

Arabesque Attitude

This movement works out your obliques (side muscles) and glutes, improving hip mobility at the same time. Stand with your chest lifted and your left leg raised and pointed outward (arabesque position). Bend your left knee until your foot is higher than the knee (attitude position) and lift your arm over your head. Return your leg and arm to its original position for 1 rep. Repeat for 15 to 20 reps.

Plie Half-Twist

Get in the Releve Plie position (see above) with your knees bent and your chest up. Reach your arms across your body in a half-twist. You'll feel the burn in your core, your legs, and your hips. It's an amazing way to strengthen your lower body and improve mobility, all while in the Plie position.

Arabesque Curl

This movement engages your hips and glutes while working your arms at the same time. Stand in the first position, with your left hand on the back of a chair and a dumbbell in your right hand. As you lift your right leg into the Arabesque position, curl the dumbbell upward. Repeat for a set of 15 to 20 repetitions, then do the same on the left leg.

Attitude/Arabesque Standing Crunches

Perform this exercise to shred your hip muscles and core, especially the side muscles (obliques). Lean on a chair for support, standing with your weight on one foot. Raise a dumbbell over your head on the same side as your foot. Lift the foot in the Arabesque (straight leg lifted outward) or Attitude (knee bent, foot back) positions. As you lift your leg, bring the weight downward to touch your elbow to your knee. As you lower your leg, push the dumbbell upward to work the shoulders and triceps. Repeat 15 to 20 reps per set, and make sure to hit both sides.

These five simple movements are an amazing barre workout that will have your muscles on fire and your heart pumping. You can get that dancer's body at home in no time!

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