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How to Flirt at the Gym Without Being a Big Ol' Creep

But before you go hitting on every man or woman you see, it's vital you learn how to flirt RIGHT.

Many people see the gym as a great place to find interested singles, and the truth is that there are a lot of things that make it true. Not only do you share a common interest with people at the gym (fitness/health), but you know your fellow gym-goers care about their appearance. Best of all, you get to see them regularly, and that increases your chances of actually getting up the courage to talk to them.

But before you go hitting on every man or woman you see, it's vital you learn how to flirt RIGHT. Yes, there are a few rules of gym protocol you need to know about:

  1. Never flirt mid-set -- If someone is training, leave them alone. You can chat them up while they're at the watercooler or lounging around after the session, but NEVER mid-set!
  2. Don't stare -- Yes, he/she may have a gorgeous body, but that's not an invitation to ogle them. Keep your eyes to yourself, especially if they're wearing tight-fitting and revealing outfits. Skimpy outfits do not equal consent to stare.
  3. Be pleasant -- Crack a joke, give him/her a smile, and make small talk. That's the best way to flirt anywhere, and it works as much at the gym as it will at a bar or club. There's no magic trick for flirting with a gym guy or girl; just be pleasant and friendly.
  4. Keep body-related comments out of it -- NEVER say things like "your ass is looking better after all those deep squats". Avoid commenting on their body completely, but comment on their workout routine. For example, "I saw you powering through that 20-minute HIIT workout yesterday" is much more effective of a compliment than "You'd look great in a bikini".
  5. Avoid unsolicited advice -- No one wants to hear they're wrong, and correcting someone's form could make them actively disinterested in you. This is especially true for women, as they're sick of meatheads trying to tell them how to do it "right". Only step in if someone is risking an injury, otherwise avoid offering advice as a means of initiating contact.
  6. Talk about gear -- One great way to spark up a conversation is to ask them where they got their gear: weight belt, running headphones, gloves, wrist braces, etc. It will get you talking and open a way for you to introduce yourself.
  7. Wear the right clothing -- Just as you'd dress up to go to a club, you need to dress up to hit the gym. That doesn't mean working out in suit and tie, but you should wear proper gym clothes. Wear clothes that look clean and neat, and which compliment your appearance. Look yourself in the mirror and ask "Would I want to talk to me dressed like this?" If the answer is no, invest in better gym clothes.
  8. The locker room is off-limits -- The locker room should be a safe space. That means no flirting (with members of the same or opposite sex). Wait until they come out to strike up a conversation!
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