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Here's What You Need to Know About Moon Milk

If falling asleep after a long day is something you struggle with, and counting sheep has not become an adequate method to relax, then perhaps moon milk is the alternative. At least, that seems to be the way this drink has been marketed because it’s thought to help fight insomnia in adults and ease anxiety.

We all want a miracle drink that is able to achieve the seemingly impossible, but moon milk is not some magical beverage using moon dust or witchcraft, all it is, according to Health, is essentially warm milk with added natural flavors and ingredients like fruits or honey — you don’t need to follow a specific recipe. Mind Body Green notes that the concept is based on an Ayurvedic tradition of sipping warm milk “to ground your body before slipping off to sleep.”

Health notes that milk is a natural sleep aid because, in addition to containing protein and essential nutrients, it contains the amino acid tryptophan which can help with relaxation. But the add-ins have also been beneficial for this drink, and Mind Body Green notes that this often includes adaptogens herbs, like ashwagandha, which studies have shown can reduce stress and has been found to be as powerful as drugs like lorazepam, used to treat anxiety.

Naturopath Kirsten Shanks spoke to Vogue Australia about the adaptogens and their benefits, saying, “Adaptogens can act as valuable preventive medicine when you know you have a perceived stressful time coming up.”

There are many ways to reduce stress and anxiety, but one of the major reasons for the recent popularity of this beverage is because it’s so pretty. People have been sharing their Pinterest-worthy photos of the drink in various colors, and interesting toppings (like flowers or a sprinkling of spice), making it look incredibly appealing even if you don’t struggle with sleep issues. Actually, Pinterest reported a 700 percent increase in searches for moon milk since 2017, Shape notes.

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The preparing of these drinks may also help with the bedtime ritual of calming, and getting you ready for a good night’s rest, and nutritionist Julie Upton, RD, told Health: "Sleep experts always advise to have a ritual that promotes sleep and tells your body you're getting ready for shut-eye.” Making a warm drink is one of these, but if that doesn’t work, well, you’ve got a great photo for Instagram and a delicious beverage!

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