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Here's What Crystals Can (Possibly) Do for You

The use of crystals is nothing new — but can they help you?

Crystals are hardened minerals that often take a repeating shape or pattern. They can be opaque or almost clear, and come in a variety of colors. In the natural health/medicine field, crystals are believed to have healing benefits. However, there has been no concrete evidence found that supports crystals and healing the body's various diseases or ailments. But, the benefits may depend on you and your beliefs.

The Placebo Effect

In every scientific study, there is a control group that is often given a known medication or a medication or treatment that is non-harmful so it can be compared to the new medication or substance. Sometimes, people that are in the control group experienced a positive reaction although they are not given anything different. This is known as the placebo effect. Think of it as the power of positive thinking — if you think something will work, maybe it does help you.

The Breakdown of Crystals

While most are quick to say not to replace traditional treatments with crystals, there has not been any harm found in using them. If anything the treatments involving crystals can be very relaxing and stress relief plays a huge role in the overall health of a person. The color of a crystal can tell you what it may help with, and you can then use whatever crystals, or colors, you feel will help you.

  • Red — These are stimulating and energizing crystals. They are associated with movement, motivation, and protection.
  • Pink — These crystals can help with resolution, and bring emotion and sensitivity to your daily life. Rose quartz is a popular example.
  • Orange — Brings energy and focus that allow your creative side to flourish.
  • Yellow — These crystals deal with the nervous, digestive and immune system function in your body. May help relieve stress and fear and promote contentment.
  • Green — Green crystals are associated with the heart and work to balance emotions, encourage personal growth, and promote a sense of calm.
  • Light Blue — This color deals with all the senses and your internal as well as external communication.
  • Indigo — Perception, intuition, and understanding.
  • Violet — Service to others, imagination, inspiration, and empathy are the focus of violet crystals.
  • White — Clarity, cleansing, and purification.
  • Black — Energy grounding and can show you the hidden potential. Requires patience.

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