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Get Teardrop Shaped Shoulders with Shoulder Pushups

Fitday Editor

Have you ever wanted those perfect teardrop shaped shoulders that you see on fitness models and athletes? Balanced and strong shoulder muscles are key to creating that coveted teardrop. In addition to cardio activity and a healthy diet, the Shoulder Pushup is a great exercise to start forming that teardrop. No equipment necessary!

Step by Step:

1. Start with your hands and knees on the floor. Hands are directly underneath your shoulders and your knees are underneath your hips. Rotate your hands in slightly towards each other so your fingertips angle in. (Image 1)

2. Press your hips towards the ceiling and push your weight back into your feet so that your back is flat. Your hands, shoulders, and hips should be in line. (Image 2)


3. Bend your elbows out to the side so the top of your head comes towards the floor. Look towards your thighs instead of looking at the floor to keep the pushup in your shoulders vs. your chest. (Images 3 and 4) Straighten the elbows to return to position #2.


Start out with a small number of repetitions and start to increase that number as you build strength. Your shoulders will thank you!

Photos by Andie Baker.

Katy Moeggenberg owns, manages, and instructs at both the Blue Ash Shaolin-Do and Anaya Belly Dance in Cincinnati, Ohio. She's a Kung Fu black belt (4th degree), professional dancer and choreographer, runner, and Yogi. She has enabled a variety of goals for her clients to come true-fine tuning professional dancers' routines, honing martial artists' skills for complex competitions, and empowering clients to lose as much as 100 pounds. She performs dance and Kung Fu over 50 times a year across national venues. In addition, her teaching has been featured and sought after at national dance conventions and NFL cheerleader training camps. Learn more about Katy at

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