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The Best Gear for a Portable Workout

Too busy to workout? No problem. Check out these portable fitness equipment options and take your workout with you wherever you happen to be.

If you are often using the excuse that you are simply too busy to workout, that excuse is about to end. The fact is, there are plenty of portable fitness equipment options available that you can use to get in shape no matter where you happen to be.

Which equipment options are right for you? Let’s walk you through the three top choices so that you make an informed decision.

TRX Suspension Trainer

If you want a fun resistance based session, the TRX suspension trainer is one that you’ll want to check out. This suspension trainer can easily be attached to a tree, to some bars at a local park, or even attached to a doorway if that’s all that you have available.

After attaching it you can perform a wide variety of different exercises that will target just about every single muscle group in your body. Whether you need to be doing squats, push-ups, or lunges, you can do all those and more with the TRX trainer. The great thing about this trainer is, because of its suspension mechanisms, you’ll receive excellent core strengthening benefits the entire time as well. If you want a set of flat abs, this is the equipment option for you.

Resistance Bands

Next, you have resistance bands. It really doesn’t get any more portable than these. They can easily be packed in a bag to take along with you on vacation — be it a business trip or a holiday getaway.

These bands can be used to perform almost all the same exercises that you’d use a set of dumbbells for, so it’s an easy way to take your normal gym workout on the road.

Take note that these bands also come in a wide variety of different resistance levels, so you can choose the band that offers the proper level of challenge for you. Then as you progress, you can simply go to the next band up, ensuring that you don’t hit that dreaded progress plateau. And, if you progress to the point where one band is not challenging enough for you, you can simply double up and you’ll keep that progress coming.

Fitness Tracker

Finally, the last of the portable fitness equipment is an unconventional one you wouldn’t think about – a fitness tracker. That’s right. while it’s not going to actually help you do any exercises, it’s one of the best pieces of equipment to own because it will help you become far more aware of how much exercise you are doing, encouraging you to get your activity up.

If you’re at the stage of your fitness program where you are simply trying to do more on an everyday basis, this is the piece of equipment that can help out with that.

So there you have the top three portable pieces of fitness equipment. If you are looking to get in shape on the go, consider investing into one — or all three — of these options.

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