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Losing Weight Takes Commitment and Dedication

Fitday Editor
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One of the first questions I ask my clients is if their family members will support their efforts to make the necessary changes to lose weight and get healthy. Most of the time I get a resounding "yes" but there are those who shift in their chair or hesitate with an answer which usually means there will be some negotiating by all down the road.

We live in a world of instant gratification and many believe we deserve everything we want right now. What a disaster! If we do not get results in a timely manner, we throw in the towel.

It is estimated that over 30 million Americans over the age of 20 years of age have no idea they are jeopardizing their health by excessive caloric intake. This includes those who even appear thin and healthy but some are still ingesting more calories than the body can utilize.

The risks for excessive caloric intake are:

  • Increased risk of heart disease
  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Cancer
  • Arthritis
  • Dementia
  • Diabetes
Reducing caloric intake can actually slow down the aging process from the inside out and here is where you come in. You have to decide for yourself that you are worth the effort to eat healthy, make better food choices at every single meal and it is no one's business but your own.

People "give up" every day, not only when it comes to weight loss and good health, but on their dreams in general. It is sad to think that we end up thinking our goals, dreams and health are not worth the fight or that we are doing them for someone else. If we don't give ourselves a little attention each and every day, the price goes up in more weight gain, poor health, not to mention the damage we cause to our inner psyche, family and friends.

Losing weight slowly, while learning better lifestyle habits, simply takes too long. Does it really? Is it worth it? If you could improve your health and prevent someone you love from suffering poor health and obesity, would it be worth it to you then? Is it worth it to have more quality time with your children, spouse or friends? You have to change the way you think about this journey of weight loss to good health.

If you have the mindset of "instant" gratification, you are going to hop right back on the same path you've been on. You will have tons of company. The instant gratification mindset leads us to unrealistic expectations. Losing ½ - 1 pound a week seems like failure to many of us leading us to think "Why bother"?

The small and seemingly insignificant steps WILL have a huge impact in reaching your goals. Remind yourself of that simple fact every day. In time, your confidence in the process will grow. There will be people who want to keep you right where you are. Your desire and effort to make changes may make them uncomfortable but it's not about them. It's not because they don't want you to succeed or love you. In most cases it is forcing them to look at themselves and that's not always easy. They have fears that if you make these changes, you will not need or appreciate them in the same way. Do it for yourself.

Sherry L. Granader is a Sports Nutritionist, National Speaker and Spokesperson, Author of 2 healthy cookbooks, Writer, Ghost Writer, Nationally Certified Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer. She has shared the stage with such celebrities as Whoopi Goldberg, Suze Orman and the late Governor Ann Richards and served as the On-Air Nutritionist for QVC television in the United States and the UK. She has cooked for her favorite bodybuilder, Lou Ferrigno (The Incredible Hulk) and his family, shared her nutrition expertise with Chuck Norris on the set of his movie "Sidekicks" and appeared on 8-time Mr. Olympia, Lee Haney's Championship Workouts on ESPN. Sherry hosted her own "Healthy Living" show on PBS for several years. For more information on Sherry, visit or write to Sherry at [email protected].

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