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Working Out with Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

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Working out with your boyfriend or girlfriend is an idea the two of you should consider, regardless of whether or not you share a similar level of passion (or lack thereof) for physical fitness. There are a number of benefits to working out out together, and not all of them are as obvious as others.

Easier to Find Time to Exercise

One of the most common excuses for not exercising regularly is that it's difficult to find the time to work out between work, school, family and social obligations. If you have to sacrifice time with your boyfriend or girlfriend in order to find time to exercise, chances are you're going to choose your loved one over your fitness routine. However, if you can schedule a few dates at the gym or just working out at a park or at home, you'll be spending time working out with your significant other, effectively taking care of two important tasks in your busy day at once.

Exercise Becomes a Lot More Fun

Another reason why either one of you might avoid exercising is because the same old routines can become boring, especially when you're alone. Exercise seems more like a chore or a punishment than a part of a positive, healthy lifestyle when you're alone. However, when you're working out with someone you love, you'd be surprised how quickly the time passes. You'll laugh and catch up with each other's news since you saw each other last. You'll look forward to the time you spend together working out.

You'll Spend Time Bonding

Any activity in which you're both active participants face-to-face with one another can prove to be an incredible bonding experience for the two of you. Seeing a movie or watching TV together are passive activities in which neither of you will get to know the other better and thus you won't be able to truly enjoy each other's company. Texting, chatting or playing games online all remove the face-to-face interaction that you can get when you spend time together in the same room. If you shut off all distractions and start working out with one another, you'll have plenty of time to talk, laugh and above all, bond with one another.

You Can Test Each Other's Affection

It's one thing to be attracted to one another after a shower and an hour or more of primping before a date. When you shed the makeup, the fancy clothes and the coiffed hair, you ought to still feel strongly attracted to each other. Working out together will mean that you'll both be sweaty, potentially a little smelly, flushed and a little unkempt when you're finished. If you can enjoy the time you spend together, bonding without regard to each other's physical appearances, you'll know that you truly care about each other.

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