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Why You Should Take up Road Running

Road running is a great way to get in shape quickly and have fun while you’r at it. Find out why you should get involved here.

About to head out for another run on your home treadmill? Or perhaps you are fighting for a spot at the gym. Whatever the case, have you ever considered taking those runs outside? The fact is, road running offers a number of great benefits that should never be overlooked.

While there’s nothing wrong per say with doing your runs on the treadmill, you just won’t reap the same degree of benefits that you would from road running.

Let’s look at three great benefits you can’t afford to miss out that road running has to offer.

Lower Risk Of Plateau

One thing almost ever treadmill runner has experienced before is the dreaded progress plateau. You aren’t getting that much faster and you find that you’ve already taken your endurance as far as you want to go.

The number one reason you are hitting the progress plateau is because your runs rarely change. You are always running on that same treadmill pad, which, while you can alter the elevation, is not the same as running outdoors.

When you take up road running, you’ll be faced with a variety of hills, turns in the path, and possibly even objects you need to clear (if you happen to go through a wooded area!). All of this means a greater challenge to your body and results that keep coming.

The more challenged your muscles are thanks to the different courses that you are running, the better your results are going to be. Road running provides this beautifully as you can run a different course each and every day if you desire.

Improved Interest In The Activity

Another clear benefit that road running has to offer is the fact it will help improve your interest in getting those sessions in. Let’s face it, slugging it out on the treadmill day after day looking at the same window in front of you (or worse, the same pieces of fitness equipment as you stare into the center of the gym) gets boring real fast.

With road running, you can have a change of scenery with each run you do. This provides more mental stimulation and will help you enjoy that run that much more.

Running is a great sport to help you get outdoors and experience what your local area has to offer, but yet so many people stay chained to their treadmills.

If the weather permits, take it outdoors. You’ll be so happy you did.

Greater Muscle Strengthening Benefits

Finally, one last big benefit that road running has to offer is superior muscle strengthening benefits. Keep in mind that as you climb those hills that you come to or even have to fend off changes in the structure of the road, you are working your glutes hamstrings, quads, as well as all of the smaller muscles located in the angle and lower leg region.

Over time, this can lead to much better overall strengthening, making you a superior runner.

So don’t overlook road running any longer. While you don’t have to head outdoors for each and every run you do, it’s a smart move to take at least a couple of your usual runs outdoors whenever you can.

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