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Why Drinking Water Can Lead to a Better Workout

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If you want to have a better workout, you should make sure you are drinking enough water before and during your workout. If you avoid drinking water because you are afraid of getting a side-ache, you should learn about why drinking water can actually lead to a better workout.

Water is important for all of your cells to function properly. Because you are approximately 70 percent water, you have to continue to replace the water you lose for your body to keep working.

Why Drink Water?

You know that water keeps you hydrated during your workout, but you might not know how. Water acts as a lubricant for your muscles, joints and vital organs. Water is necessary for you to have energy during your workout because it is the transporter of oxygen and glucose throughout your body. Your muscles need water for strength and flexibility. Your joints need water to prevent stiffness and your brain needs water to send messages, like how to regulate your body temperature.

Signs of Dehydration

By the time that you recognize that you are thirsty, your body has already lost important fluids. If you become dehydrated during your workout, you might not even recognize it. You might just think that your workout is too difficult or that it is too hot outside. When your body loses too much fluid, you will become tired and dizzy. You might feel nauseous or have chills.

In severe cases, your heart rate will increase, you might lose the ability to sweat and become delirious. If you experience any of these symptoms, you should call a doctor immediately.

Don't Substitute

There is no substitute for water. If you are drinking juice or a sports drink instead of water, you could be doing yourself a disservice. Many juices and sports drinks contain excessive amounts of sugar, and sugar causes your body to become dehydrated. Drinking sports drinks or fruit juice instead of water will generally make you thirstier. Generally, you won't need to consume anything except water during your workout, unless you are engaging in a strenuous activity or working out for longer than one hour.

How Much Water?

The amount of water you should drink before and during your workout varies for each individual depending on your weight, the type of workout you are doing and your climate. Start with 8 to 16 ounces of water before your workout. Consume one glass of water for each 20 minutes to half hour you are working out.

Water is important for every aspect of your workout and your after workout recovery. If you want to achieve peak performance during your workout, make sure you drink water. The next time you experience muscle cramps or nausea during a workout, don't just shrug them off, have a glass of water. You will know that you are properly hydrated if your urine is clear.

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