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An Introduction to Exergaming

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The current state of society, health and wellness, and the rapid growth of technology, have called for something called Exergaming. This strange looking verb represents the combination of using video games and creative utilities to present a new and fun platform for exercise.


Exergaming, a newer form of exercising, presented itself during the late 1980s and early '90s. The early devices and games that pushed Exergaming forward had little success. One of the major goals that game developers tried to achieve - providing a gaming system that offered fun and function for entire families - failed partly because only the younger generations participated, while the parents remained the major purchasers of the systems. During the 2000s, several arcade games such as Dance Dance Revolution took the front runner position in Exergaming, selling far more models to major groups and individuals than previous counterparts in past decades.

The introduction of successful home gaming systems that also delivered exercise and a fun workout alternative started to boom with the introduction of the Nintendo Wii gaming system, which incorporated better visual presentations that offered far better interactive potential. Virtual reality, introduced during the 1980s, played a huge role in the development of Exergaming, and today the movement still involves all of the basic virtual realistic elements. Today, the goal of major gaming and electronics developers remains selling copies of games, plus entire gaming systems and utilities, to nearly every household in the country. "Fun for the entire family" presents a challenge which passed by in recent decades, though new sport and simple competitive based games now provide leaders in the industry with the means to meet the overall objective.

Use and Definition

Exergaming, like most other forms of exercise, includes cardiovascular based exercises plus simple stretches and muscle strengthening drills. Instead of traveling to a crowded gym, Exergaming usually takes place in basements and living rooms where gaming consoles and equipment get plugged in and stored easily. Several pieces of equipment offer different exercises and gaming experiences, ultimately providing people with several possible workout choices. Partner based games that offer competitive experiences provide a platform for more than one; several gaming systems offer options for more than two participants as well, making the systems applicable for families and social gatherings. People find entertainment through sports based games that they participate in through real life competition, such as tennis, boxing, bowling, football, baseball, table tennis and several more. Developers keep endless options working in the development stage in order to fit the wants of the people, so that Exergaming becomes more accepted and common.


Exergaming, as an alternative to traditional gym based exercises, remains a debatable topic for many. Successful dieting and exercise plans have proved that weight loss or muscle building goals can be achieved, though replacing exercise with activities taking place through a video gaming console have not yet provided enough concrete information and positive results to satisfy the general population. Groups, clubs and other social networks have formed because of Exergaming, providing people with a support foundation in which fitness results and goals are discussed, posted and shared. This alternative form of exercise continues to grow because of popular demand.

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