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What is Chakra Yoga?

Fitday Editor
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Much like other forms of the body and mind stimulating art form, Chakra Yoga includes techniques that specifically focus on mind over matter. The key idea behind Chakra Yoga allows participants to move through and fully connect with different levels of charka, also known as energy like vortexes within the body.

General Information

Yoga enthusiasts believe that 7 different charkas exist. Each one of these specific energy levels contains a different empowerment that allows the body to become one with the mind. Through practicing traditional yoga techniques, each person eventually will have the ability to completely link his or her mind with the body, providing complete control and relaxation through all situations.

This mind over matter principle works to motivate yoga participants through day to day situations by having a better grasp on reality and conception. Through exercise techniques paired with meditative mind stimulus, the Chakra Yoga practice allows for both a healthy, sharp and well prepared body and bind, since both have proven to work concurrently.

Chakra Yoga Techniques

Some Chakra Yoga techniques include less motion and more mind focusing work. In most cases, equal attention gets spent on both the mind and body, largely because the main objective of this specific yoga perspective directly targets connecting the two most vital parts of each human being.

Chakra Yoga includes postures and exercise moves that work to balance physical parts within the body while meditatively and physically renewing organs, cells and other anatomical building blocks. Another key goal that Chakra enthusiasts strive for involves the reduction of stress and the increase in energy through properly relaxing the entire body and sensitivity levels.

Through the use of holding physically stimulating postures, Chakra Yoga connects proper breathing techniques for an increase in mental and bodily energy. These combinations show links between charging the body and developing better concentration practices. Other mental techniques work to improve the overall ability of the brain, including emotional stability, a more keen perception and personal serenity.

Chakra Benefits

While connecting energy levels to both the mind and body serves as a more spiritual focus of Chakra Yoga, actual physical benefits do occur through the use of the physical exercises that take place during a session. One key focus of these positions works to improve blood circulation in order to rid the body of toxins or harmful free radicals. This process also helps regulate lymphatic fluids which guide in immunity.

Each different level of charka does pay special attention to concentrated deep breathing. The focus on this valuable technique helps boost oxygen levels within the blood, playing a role in boosting immunity and helping with overall heart health.

Another key focus that allows participants to connect with each chakra or earthly element lies within the relaxation drills. These work to decrease muscle soreness and pain, while also eliminating high levels of stress throughout the entire nervous system, including the brain. Other physical stretching techniques help alleviate joint pain and increase flexibility to the skeletal muscle tissue. Some posture based drills help develop a stronger, more developed core.

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