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Turn That Beer Belly Into Six Pack Abs in 4 Easy Steps

Find out the key tips and tricks that those with six-pack-ab-status know.

Six pack abs is a goal that so many people have, yet one that very few people will ever attain.

Are you seeking six pack ab perfection? If so, you need to pay attention to a few tips that could make or break the results that you see.

Six pack abs are not easy to come by, but with the right approach, you certainly can get the results you’re looking for.

Let’s go over a few things to know about getting to six pack ab status.

Portion Control Is The #1 Rule

When it comes to losing fat, the number one thing that you must remember is portion control. It doesn’t matter how healthy the foods you are eating are, if you are eating too much of them, you can gain body fat.

And, gaining body fat means moving one step away from six pack ab status.

Heavy Weight Lifting Should Be A Focus

Next, you should also be putting a great deal of focus on heavy weight lifting as you go about your workout routine. Of all the exercise variations that you do, heavy weight lifting is the one that will help rev your metabolic rate, allowing you to burn fat 24/7.

Since getting six pack abs is more about burning off the fat covering your abs than it is strengthening the abdominal muscles, that proper weight lifting program will be most beneficial.

Not to mention, if you’re performing heavy lifts with the compound exercises such as squats, deadlifts, and lunges, you’re going to be working the abs while you do these movements. Thus, you can move away from spending hours on the crunch mats.

Sleep Must Be Prioritized

Sleep is something else that must be focused on if you are going to reach the goal of getting six pack abs. Getting enough sleep at night is going to help to maximize your insulin sensitivity, help to improve your metabolic rate, boost your energy level, and help give you more energy for each workout that you do.

Eight hours is a must – preferably nine. If you can focus on getting more high-quality sleep in each and every night, it will make a difference in your rate of progression.

Carb Cycling Is Best

Finally, as far as nutrition specifics go, give carb cycling a try. This is a diet set-up where you have some higher carb days (usually on your workout days) mixed in with some lower carb days (typically on your rest days).

By cycling your carbs like this, you’re able to effectively keep your metabolic rate higher at all times, leading to increased rates of total body fat burning. If you use a very low carb diet for an ongoing period of time, eventually your resting metabolic rate is going to significantly decline and when it does, fat burning will come to a crawl.

Not to mention, if you cut out too many carbs from your diet plan, you’ll soon notice that you hardly have any energy to perform your workouts with.

If you keep these quick tips in mind as you go about your program to get six pack abs, you can increase the chances that you see the results you’re going for.

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