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The Pole Dance Workout: Not Just for the Scantily Clad

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In a pole dance workout, not only do you get an intense full body workout, you have a chance to discover a sexier side of you. When you become more confident in yourself, your sex drive increases, your brain produces more 'feel' good hormones, and you tend to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Full Body Workout

Pole dancing utilizes all muscle groups and engages them in different ways at different points in the routine. Basic pole dancing works your core and helps you learn balance and how to control your muscles. Advanced pole dancing (on the pole moves) requires an immense level of upper body strength. Regardless of the intensity of the moves you're doing, your core will get the workout of a lifetime. If you're a beginner to high intensity strength training, consider using adapted moves until you build more muscle tone. Your instructor can help you put together the right routine to fit your needs.

Muscle Control

As with yoga, tai chi and other forms of muscle controlled exercises, pole dancing requires you to have absolute control over your muscles to move in a slow, steady way and keep proper form. Just as in standard forms of exercise, proper form is essential with pole dancing exercises. Such moves, as lifting yourself up the pole, swinging around the pole with upper body or lower body, and using your core to stabilize during moves, all engage your muscles in a significant way and force you to take control of your muscles.


Pole dancing by definition is a sexy, risque form of movement. Whether you're a size 2 or a size 22, you'll feel sexy after a pole dancing workout. The moves allow you to connect with your feminine side more and use moves like hip rotations and dips to explore your sensuality. Get your friends involved and do a session together for more fun and less stress. Book a session with a studio to learn the moves and become comfortable before you take a class.

As pole dancing workouts become more popular, fitness centers are catering to the craze and offer pole dancing workout classes. Though pole dancing workouts are a little different than traditional pole dancing, most instructors give you the best of both the dance and fitness aspects for the best workout possible.

A pole dancing workout is an incredible way to spice up your fitness routine and learn more about yourself. With the side benefits of an increased sex drive and boosted confidence, how can you go wrong? Find a comfortable situation that fits your needs to start pole dancing, then adapt to larger classes as you progress and feel more comfortable. With the intensity of a full body workout and a constant state of cardio, you'll walk away from a pole dancing workout feeling stronger from the first session.

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