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The Importance of Scheduling an Exercise Break in Your Week

Fitday Editor

Exercise is essential to your well-being, but an exercise break once a week is just as essential. Once you've gained the motivation to schedule exercise into your daily routine, you'll need to learn to take a break once a week without losing your motivation the rest of the time.

Rest Is a Reward

An exercise break for one day a week can act as a reward for your hard work the rest of the week. If you lack motivation to work out during the rest of the week, you can remind yourself of your upcoming day off. Plan a fun activity that keeps you busy, such as going out with friends.

You Give Your Body Time to Recover

Exercising every day without a weekly exercise break can actually prove detrimental to your progress. If you don't give your muscles adequate time to rest between exercise sessions, you may actually be overtraining your body. This increases your risk of developing muscle strain and injury. Besides taking a weekly break, mixing up the different types of exercise you do (cardio one day, muscle training the next, etc.) can also help you avoid straining your body.

How to Take a Break without Losing Motivation

If you simply sit around on your day off, it may be more difficult for you to get back into an exercise routine the next day. You can avoid this by performing a few low-key exercises, like beginner yoga or stretching while you watch TV. If you engage in a social activity that involves some movement, such as walking at the mall or dancing, you can also keep your body primed for exercise without overdoing it on your day off.

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