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The Benefits of Static Contraction Training

Fitday Editor
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Static contraction training is considered a part of isometric exercises. It involves strenuous exercise routines that are aimed at strengthening the muscles and making the body fit. This type of training is a form of resistance training, and it is effective in improving physical endurance. Though it has been practiced for many years, it only became popular in recent times, and it is presently used by many fitness enthusiasts as well as professional athletes. Here are some of the known benefits of static contraction training.

Helps in Building and Toning Muscles

Static contraction training is effective in helping you tone and build muscles. It has been proven that a person who undergoes static contraction training for 10 weeks can gain up to 50% static strength, nine pounds of new muscle, one inch around the chest and ½ inch in the biceps. She can also lose about five pounds of fat. Some of the common exercises for static contraction training include bench presses, leg presses, weight lifting and other exercises that do not involve movement of the joints. Different exercises can be practiced to improve muscle gain in specific parts of the body.

Increases Endurance

Static contraction training has shown some amazing results in endurance building as well. The training requires you to lift weights and hold them for an extended period of time, and this can help improve endurance. In each exercise, you have to hold weights for 10 to 25 seconds, and the duration of the exercise and the weight can be increased after you have achieved better endurance.

Requires Less Time

While some traditional forms of exercise require hours of time, most of the exercises in static contraction training can be completed in a very short time period. By doing just 15 to 20 minutes of exercises a day for about six weeks, you can be assured that you will see some great results. Static contraction training can help you gain strength and muscles in a shorter time compared to other popular forms of training.

Ideal for Both Men and Women

Though body building is mostly associated with men, more women are becoming interested in gaining muscle. Static contraction training can help both men and women improve fitness and develop more muscles. Presently, there are many fitness trainers who are qualified to provide specialized training to target specific muscles in women. A wide range of static contraction exercises are available to help both men and women build, strengthen and tone different types of muscles in their bodies.

With static contraction training, you no longer have to undergo physically demanding and time consuming exercises to achieve your ideal body and fitness level. This type of training can give you better results with less work and in a shorter time. It's not only for professionals; it is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to gain strength, lose weight or simply have a fit body. All you need is a good trainer and some perseverance, and you can have a fit body in just a month or two.

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