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The Benefits of Isokinetic Exercise

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A new kind of workout called isokinetic exercise is taking some parts of the fitness world by storm. This kind of general exercise can be a way for some individuals to fine-tune their power workout programs.

Isokinetic exercise is an exercise that utilizes a range of motion while controlling the speed of contraction. In isokinetic exercise, there is a constant speed of the movement with a set amount of resistance. One of the best examples is a stationary bicycle that maxes out at a certain RPM (revolutions per minute). On these bikes, the maximum RPM provides the control of the muscle contraction speed, and customized settings provide the resistance.

Benefits of Isokinetic Exercise

One of the main benefits of isokinetic exercise is that it can be controlled to prevent injury. Taking the example of the exercise bike, customizable settings can reduce the chance of a resistance-based injury or one that occurs from pedaling too fast.

Because isokinetic exercise is a relatively controlled form of exercise, it's often used in physical therapy. Skilled physical therapy professionals may include isokinetic stationary machines as part of a regimen for healthy recovery after an injury or surgical procedure. In fact, according to some experts, isokinetic exercise machines are still making their way from the physical therapy office out to the general population.

As an additional benefit of isokinetic exercise, some argue that it works more related muscle groups by promoting changes in ratios of muscle use. As the resistance changes, the muscles experience variance, and this can encourage a greater array of training results.

According to some experts, isokinetic exercise can have a positive effect on the core muscles that stabilize and carry the body and support the spine. As the user progresses through certain isokinetic exercises, the targeted muscle groups will, in some senses, rely on support from the core muscles. Trainers who mention the core as a side benefit of this kind of exercise point out that the core muscles are not targeted in these activities, and individuals who want to build a strong core should include specific core work like ab crunches, balance activities and more.

Isokinetic Exercise Equipment

One of the most popular types of large isokinetic exercise equipment on the market comes in the form of Cybex machines. Fitness machines from this company specialize in providing isokinetic exercise principles to users. Variable weight sets help craft a particular routine to the needs of a fitness participant. Skilled trainers can show beginners how to use these machines correctly, to get the benefits of isokinetic exercise.

Along with Cybex machines, fitness vendors are coming out with some new types of gear, including isokinetic balance balls and other smaller fitness aids, that can facilitate types of isokinetic exercise. As more and more are learning about this type of workout activity, more of this kind of gear on the market means that these options may be coming soon to local gyms and health clubs. Keep an eye open for isokinetic exercise opportunities and ways to craft a power workout routine that will have the best effect on a wide range of muscle groups.

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