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The Benefits of Dynamic Tension

Fitday Editor
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For some fitness beginners, knowing about dynamic tension can be a way to get a better set of exercises into their fitness schedule.

Dynamic tension is simply the idea that muscles can be worked on their own, without equipment or outside force. Unlike conventional resistance training, with dynamic tension exercises, muscles use one body force against another in order to provide tension. A classic example of this is in contracting a muscle and then slowly moving it through range of motion. Clearly, there is no need for any equipment, and these kinds of exercises can be done anywhere.

History of Dynamic Tension

Most experts attribute this kind of fitness idea to the renowned Charles Atlas, the inspiration of a multitude of advertisements and narratives about how muscle training can improve the body. According to a variety of sources, Atlas was actually inspired by Brooklyn's Prospect Park Zoo, where he observed animals and thought up a natural exercise process that could be done without any tools or fitness gear.

Later on, the Charles Atlas company expanded tremendously, and the advertisements kept on going for years. Even today, readers can get a lot more information about dynamic tension online, from the Charles Atlas website.

Benefits of Dynamic Tension

One of the main benefits of dynamic tension is that it can truly be done anywhere. It doesn't require a lot of space, either. Fitness participants who want to take their training back to basics can utilize a dynamic tension workout program to get real muscle work done without free weights or fixed weights.

Another major benefit of dynamic tension is that it protects participants from some kind of injury. Since the main forces are the body's muscles working against each other, as the muscle tires, the force working against it is also depleted. This means that, unlike with weight training, the chances of injury from excessive weight load are very slim.

Dynamic tension is also very useful as part of many kinds of martial arts. Those who practice these as holistic training options often believe that they offer unique benefits in terms of a mind-body connection, as well as conventional muscle tone and strengthening. Some would argue that this is part of what makes dynamic tension superior to some other kinds of training. Dynamic tension is also desired by many over another form of exercise, isometric training, because in dynamic tension, there is a range of motion, so that the muscle becomes stronger throughout that entire range of motion.

Although it may not be ideal for all fitness enthusiasts, dynamic tension can be a great addition to an existing fitness schedule, or a solution for those times throughout the day where someone who wants to work out is limited in terms of getting to a gym or health club. Think about adding dynamic tension training to a schedule to make use of a natural potential in the body, for getting stronger and healthier muscles that will carry the body and provide better overall response to resistance challenges.

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