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Running in Rain: Is it Safe?

Fitday Editor
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When the weather is less than perfect, with precipitation in the forecast, many runners contemplate whether running in rain is safe. Through careful planning and moderate precautions, runners can safely run in most weather conditions, including rain.

What to Wear

Perhaps the most important part of pondering whether or not to run in the rain is planning what to wear. Experts recommend that runners layer their clothing, being careful not to overdress. If the rain is cold, choose a few layers that will keep you warm during your run. Ensure the layer closest to your skin is made for running in the rain, with fabrics such as polypropylene, which will repel the water away from your skin. Many runners find it helpful to wear a brimmed hat, which will keep water away from the face during the run.

What to Avoid

Just as important as knowing what to wear when running in the rain is knowing what not to wear. Runners should avoid wearing waterproof rain slickers, as they trap moisture and heat, making running in the rain uncomfortable. In a heavy downpour your clothes can become completely drenched, therefore, it is important to avoid overdressing, which could result in heavy, saggy wet clothing.

Safety Precautions

Because motorists often have limited visibility during wet, rainy weather, it is important to make sure you are easily seen. Wear reflective tape and/or something bright, to increase the chances of motorists seeing you while you're running. Run on the proper side of the road and pay close attention to your surroundings.

Other Considerations

To prevent chaffing, apply Vaseline or another product that repels moisture to areas that are easily chafed or irritated. In addition, keep all electronics, such as iPods, out of the wet weather to avoid destruction.

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