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Protect Your Joints with these Strength Training Exercises

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There is a lot of recent research that points to strength training exercises as an effective treatment for protecting your joints from everyday stresses and relieving joint pain. The theory behind the success in strength training exercises working so well is that the muscles act as shock absorbers, and the better shape they are in, the better they are able to absorb the shock of movement. Here are some great strength training exercises that have been shown to be effective in helping to protect joints as well as alleviate pain from already stressed joints:

Strength Training Exercise Basics

When starting out, begin with one set of 12 repetitions at least 3 times per week. As your strength increases, add another set of 12 to your routine. Use 1 pound to 5 pound weights where applicable, or begin using just your body weight and increase weight as your muscle strength increases.


With your back to a wall and your legs shoulder-width apart, bend your knees and hips until you are in a sitting position. Be sure to keep you back straight and refrain from allowing your knees to move in front of your toes. When you are just nearly in a sitting position, stand back up and repeat.

Calf Raise

Again place your feet should-width apart and slowly lift up onto your toes, while ensuring that your body and legs are straight. Hold the position for a couple of seconds and then lower back onto your feet. If you find yourself unsteady, use a chair for support. Begin this with no weights, but slowly work up to at least 5 pounds.

Step Up

Hands at your side, step up either an aerobic step or a regular step. Place your starting foot on the step and pull the other one forward and up and on the step and then step back off. Leave the same foot on the step for all 12 repetitions and then switch feet.

Chest Lift

Face down, place your hands under your chin. In one movement, lift your arms, chest and head several inches from the floor and hold the position for a few seconds. Repeat 5 to 6 times. If you are unable to do this with your hands under your chin, simply put your arms at your side and continue the same way.

Chest Press

Lie on your back and hold the dumbbells touching each other at the ends with your arms extended at a right angle from your body with your elbows pointed out. Bring the dumbbells down to your chest and then extend your arms back to the starting position.

Practice these 5 exercise now and begin feeling your joint pain melt away as you strengthen your underlying muscles. Build up your endurance and aim for doing two sets of these exercises, with the addition of weights, to really begin seeing some great results.

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