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Marathon Running Training: Why Joining a Group Can Help You

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Marathon running training is intense, and the more help and support you have the better. The average runner trains for approximately six months to prepare for a full marathon. A full marathon is 26.2 miles, and when paced at 6 miles per hour, can be finished in around four hours. This is extremely hard on your body and you need to properly prepare your body for a workout of this length. On average, marathon runners are burning between 200-300 calories per mile. Depending on individual body statistics and environmental factors, that's an estimate of 5240-7860 calories burned over the duration of the race.

To help you properly prepare to run a safe marathon, consider joining a marathon training group for support, advice and a team of people cheering you on.

Information & Advice

Whether you're a novice or avid runner, training for a marathon is different every time. Different courses, time of year and your current state of health are all factors you have to take into consideration when you're training. Working with a training group allows you to share that information and get tips and tricks to work toward your optimal level of performance come race day. You'll also likely find others in the group facing the same challenges you are, which gives you support in preparing for those specific elements.

Camaraderie in Training & Racing

The bond you will build in a marathon training group helps keep you accountable to show up at training runs and stick to your training plan. It does the same for other members. A missed week of training or one missed long run can be detrimental to your training, so it's essential to be committed. Working with a local group means you're also likely to be running with some of the same people during the actual event. This gives you a race partner who can encourage you along the way and help you keep your pace when you start to wear down.

Workout Buddy

Preparing for a marathon takes more than running. It's generally recommended you cross-train one day a week to build other muscles and give your knees and primary muscle groups a rest. The most recommended cross-training activity for runners is cycling. Whether this is street cycling, at the gym or a spin class doesn't really matter. It's more important that you stick to the change in pace to allow your muscles to rest and strengthen. Working out with a partner helps you make sure to show up and keeps you motivated.

Not only does working with a marathon training group give you the chance to meet other runners training for a marathon, but it helps you stay accountable and dedicated to your training. You'll have the opportunity to train smart and work with others to do the same. This is essential to every runner training for a marathon, whether it's your first or tenth marathon.

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