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Learn Tai Chi and Lose Weight

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Learn tai chi, and you will not only learn to defend yourself, but you will also be able to reap the many, associated health benefits of this internal, Chinese martial art. Translated in English to "Supreme Ultimate Fist," tai chi can also draw practitioners to it for reasons such as longevity, demonstration competitions, and its unique techniques which include both soft and hard martial arts elements. When you do tai chi, you will notice that the movements behind the martial art are categorized as slow. Today, tai chi is so popular that it has spread worldwide. With regards to weight loss, an astounding fact surrounding tai chi is that its slow movements actually will help you burn off more calories than surfing and even downhill skiing.

The Calorie Burner

One of the ways tai chi enables you to lose weight is by the tried, tested and true principle of simply burning enough calories in your body to achieve weight loss. A moderate form of burning calories, performing only 15 minutes of tai chi results in an energy output that equals about 70 calories. That means for an exercise session involving tai chi that lasts for 15 minutes, you will burn around 70 calories, which is more effective than some other forms of recreation or sports. If you apply your tai chi exercise in a daily fashion and make sure you do so for about a year, that is where you will really see and feel the weight loss benefits of this martial arts form. 25,500 calories are burned off every year if you just stick to doing 15 minutes of tai chi a day, and in terms of body fat, slightly more than 7 pounds will be burned off, too.

Combine it With Proper Eating

You ought not to reverse the undeniable weight-loss benefits of tai chi by eating improperly. Instead, eat a healthy and balanced diet, and by doing so, you will actually produce the effect of helping tai chi even speed up your weight loss. If you eat properly, you are helping to turn your body into a stronger vessel; such a body actually loses weight faster because it already has a certain level of health from good eating to work with as its foundation. You can also motivate yourself to a greater extent to lose weight by the simple act of monitoring how your weight loss progress is coming along from week to week.

Gets you Moving

The concept of tai chi is based on moving in slow, graceful, almost ballet-like motions. This martial arts form always will have you moving in one shape or another, no matter which of its forms you use or pursue. Therefore, through this constant movement, you get to better your metabolism as well as your overall circulation, both big help in your weight loss goals since a better metabolism works to burn your calories faster, while improved circulation replaces toxins in your blood with nutrients as the blood flows better.

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