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If You're Running Low on Time, These Workout Tips Will Help You Squeeze in a Much Needed Workout

Whether or not you make the time to exercise every day, or frequently skip a workout, it's probably because it seems like there's never enough time in the day to make it to the gym and workout. While some people have figured out ways to squeeze in a workout during lunch hour and others are able to actually wake up early in the morning when the alarm goes off, many more people have trouble squeezing in even 20 minutes a day. Luckily, there are little ways that you can squeeze in some form of fitness, even if you don't get a total workout.

In the morning:

It's not easy to rise and shine but try to do a few easy stretches before you get out of bed.

If you don't get up when your alarm goes off for your hour-long workout, try getting up just 15 minutes early and doing some jumping jacks or lunges. You can also try apps, like the 7-minute workout so that you can squeeze in a workout anytime that you find yourself with an extra 7 minutes.

While you brush your teeth/shower/etc, try doing some squats, lunges, leg lifts, or any other move that can help you tone up without wasting water on your efforts.

At work:

Knowing that sitting at your desk can eventually kill you, make an effort to move around more. Park away from your building and take the stairs. Try walking over and talking to your colleagues, rather than sending them an email. Do your coffee and bathroom break on separate trips. Maximize inefficiency in order to maximize your metabolism.

Think in hour increments if you have trouble finding ways to move. Every hour, get up and take a 10-second tour of the office. Or do 10 push-ups or arm dips at your desk.

Feel free to fidget anytime you won't be disturbing others with your tapping foot.

Other tips:

Whenever you find yourself waiting in line, try doing small movements, like holding in your stomach or lifting your heels.

Pretty much any time you can move, do it to help your body stay fit and strong, even without a lot of time.

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