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How Toning Your Abs can Reduce Back Pain

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You never thought that toning abs could help you cope with your back pain? Well it's true. Toned abs not only makes you feel good in your old pair of jeans, but also help you get rid, or at least control, that back pain.

Back pains could be because of bad posture or straining a muscle when you were picking up something from the floor. Or, it could also be because of the aging and poor condition of the abs and back muscles.

What Is Ab Toning?

Toning abs does not involve sweating it out in the gym to get beach body abs. It is simply burning all the fat in the middle area and strengthening your back muscles. This can be achieved by following easy changes like having low fat diet, some core muscle exercises and of course a healthy lifestyle. Toning abs will help in improving the flexibility and efficiency of the spine. Working on the core muscles also aids in improving your posture. Stronger muscles increase the stability and balance of the body.

Does Toning Abs Reduce Back Pain?

Back pain can occur because of an imbalance between the strength of the abdomen and back muscles. A large number of muscle groups are engaged in providing the spine the strength to support the body. In case of the abs muscles being weak, it exerts strain on the back resulting in back pain. Toning abs provides your back with flexibility it needs to support to the spine. Strong abdominal and back muscles can overcome any type of back pain, especially the ones which are caused by soft tissue injury or back muscle strain.

Advantages of Exercising the Back and the Abdomen

When exercising, we tend to ignore the core area. The back and abs are made up of several groups of muscles. For a fitter abs and back, its important to work on each group of muscle. The benefits of toning your abs results in stronger back muscles, increased flexibility of the spine and better support for the body. You can also bring down the severity and frequency of that back pain you have been complaining of.

Working the Abdominal and Back Muscles

Some of the core muscles are used for everyday activities like walking and climbing. It is not possible to exercise most of the stomach and back muscles, unless you make a conscious decision to include them in your regular workout. Crunches and push ups are common exercises for both the abs and the core area. Another popular exercise which is recommended is the plank. You could also try Pilates or yoga.

The best part about exercising the core muscles is that it does not require any equipment--just usage of the core muscles. It's important to do the exercises carefully or you might end up injuring your back and cause back pain.

Doing the right exercises is the secret to achieving not only a fit abdominal wall, but also a strong back.

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