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How to Stay Fit with Desk Exercises

Fitday Editor
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Incorporating desk exercises into your Monday through Friday routine can help you stay fit even if you're confined to your office all day. The best way to keep your body in shape is to squeeze physical activity in wherever and whenever you can. While you can't makeover your body in simply doing desk exercises alone, you can speed up the process and begin developing some muscle tone.

Focus on Strength Training and Toning

The best desk exercises are going to be strength based. While you could jump rope or do jumping jacks in your office to incorporate some cardiovascular activity into your day, it isn't very realistic. Doing so would mean changing into fitness appropriate gear--and needing a shower afterward. If this is the case, you might take an hour and go to the gym. The point of desk exercises is having a simple, low-maintenance and accessible form of fitness that you can do in your dress shirt and slacks. Strength-based activities fit the bill. The easiest strength training moves for you to do are the ones that use your own body weight.

When to Fit Exercises In

The best time to do your desk exercises is up to you. Most people have time during their lunch break, but you can do them wherever they best fit in your schedule. Squeezing in a quick 5 to 10 minute set of exercises is also convenient at the beginning or the end of your work day.

Exercises for Your Lower Body

There are several desk exercises you can do to tone your lower body. Calf raises can be done at virtually any time--you don't even have to be near your desk! Place your hands on the back of your desk chair and stand up straight. From there, roll up onto the balls of your feet and begin raise your body through moving your feet up and down. Switch from standing on both legs to one leg to challenge yourself.

Another simple exercise that targets your entire lower body, specifically your quadriceps and glutes, is the chair pose. Place your back flat against the wall and walk yourself down so that your body is positioned as if you were sitting in a chair. Hold the pose for a minute and release. Repeat three to five times

Exercises for Your Upper Body

Yes, you can do push-ups at work! Place your hands on the edge of your desk and angle your body about 45 degrees from the desk. Do three sets of 12 to 15 push-ups. If you're comfortable, you can always take push-ups to the floor and do them in the traditional manner.

To target your triceps, turn so that you're facing away from your desk. Place your hands on the edge of your and keep your body so that it slopes at an angle out from your desk. Begin to bend at the elbows and lower yourself down and then push your body weight up.

These are only a few of the many exercises you can do at your desk. With the accessibility of these exercises, you can't use the long hours at the office as an excuse for being unfit.

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