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How to Get Thin by Thinking Like You're Thin

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If you want to get thin, start thinking like you're thin. Consider some of the healthy dieting and fitness practices of thin people. Think of strategies that thin people use related to diet and exercise. Master how thin people think, do as they do and you will attain your ideal weight in no time. Many tools also exist on the web to help you picture yourself in the thin and fit body that you've always wanted.

Thinking Like a Thin Person

To achieve an ideal body weight, it's critical to only eat when you're hungry. One thing that thin people do is stop eating when full. To get thin, you want to adopt this habit. When you sit down to eat, think about whether or not you're really hungry. If you're not hungry, avoid eating in that moment. If you're in the middle of a meal, always check in with yourself to make sure that you're still hungry. As soon as you realize that you've eaten enough, stop eating. You can always pack up your leftovers and eat them later when you're truly hungry. You will enjoy your food much more when you're not already full.

Another habit common for thin people is to eat slowly and really enjoy food. It takes your body about 20 minutes to notify your brain that you're full. To get thin, you'll want to select healthy foods, eat slowly and truly savor the flavors of each item in your meal. Enjoy your meals.

Avoid Emotional Eating

Another characteristic of thin people is to turn to things other than food when stress and negative emotions take over. Thinking like a thin person means not using food as a source of comfort during tough times. Going for a walk, reading an insightful book, working out, talking to a trusted loved one or writing in a journal are all good ways to deal with stress and avoid emotional eating.

Picturing Yourself as a Thin Person

The mind is very powerful. It thinks in images. If you want to get thin, picture yourself as already thin. Close your eyes and imagine your ideal body. If you have been at your ideal weight before, pull out a picture of yourself from that time and place it somewhere within daily view.

Many websites exist that help you to envision your ideal weight. You can upload a photo of yourself and these sites will adjust the image for you. If you want a smaller stomach, leaner arms and a thinner neck, each of these areas can be adjusted in a computerized image. As a continual dieting motivator, you can print out these images or place them on your computer desktop for daily viewing.

To get thin, adopt the behaviors of thin people. Eat only when you're hungry. Avoid eating as a way to deal with difficult emotions. Find healthy ways to deal with stress. Picture your body at an ideal and healthy weight. Keep this image in your mind. It will help you to reach your goals to get thin.

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