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How to Do the 10 Minute Workout

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The 10 minute workout was created by trainer Tony Horton, who is a fitness expert that is best known for creating the successful P90X home fitness program. The 10-minute workout is designed to get you healthier and stronger, all in the span of 10 minutes a day. The workout is an excellent option for those who are short on time but want to maintain their health. In addition to fitness plans, the 10-minute workout features nutrition and diet plans.

The 10-Minute Workout Kit

If you purchase the complete 10-minute workout kit, you will receive pro-grade resistance bands that feature comfort flex handles, a cardio resistance belt, a workout calendar, an abs routine, an eating plan and on-the-go workout cards. However, these items are not required to complete the workout. You can add your own free weights to reap the same benefits. The kit also features five different 10-minute workout DVDs.

The main workout has 10 moves that provide a full-body workout. You will get your heart pumping through the simple lunges, kicking and punching moves; long lean muscles from the yoga stretching; and muscles definition through the strength training.

Completing the Workout

While this workout is named the 10-minute workout, to properly warm-up and cool down, Horton recommends you add 2 minutes to the beginning and end of the workout.

During the 10-minute cardio workout, you complete a variety of agility drills, such as kicks, lunges and punches. The aim is to keep your heart pumping throughout the entire workout. You can add the resistance bands or a waist belt that attaches to a door to increase resistance.

With the abs workout, you complete 20 different abdominal exercises. Each move lasts for 30 seconds.

During the lower body workout, you utilize the resistance band to target your glutes and thighs. This features 10 moves designed to lift your buns and slim your thighs. Each move is completed for one minute.

How Is This Different From Other Workouts?

The 10-minute workout is different from other workouts because it combines cardiovascular training with strength training to help you workout multiple body parts at one time. Horton calls this the Super Stacking Technique. This is an efficient method that has you engaging your muscles in a variety of different ways while avoiding downtime.

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