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How to Do Office Yoga

Fitday Editor

Exercise is an important part of daily life, as is work. Walking, stretching and bending are parts of most jobs. If you're an office worker, these activities might not be an everyday part of your work life, and that's where office yoga can benefit you. While an office job primarily keeps you sitting behind a desk daily, rest assured that there are exercises to be done right there in your chair.

Office Yoga Defined

Office yoga is defined simply as stretches and relaxation positions that can be properly executed in the office environment. Factors that determine appropriateness are such things as wardrobe, relationship with co-workers and office setup. While yoga of any variety might look strange to some, being able to explain your actions to those around you before you participate in the exercise is recommended. Planning ahead on the day you plan to participate in yoga during breaks is easy to do. Instead of a skirt, select pants for the day. Simple actions can make your yoga activity more rewarding. Being comfortable is a large part of office yoga.

What Is Needed for Yoga Activities

The best part of office yoga is that no additional props are needed. Since office yoga is all about stretching, relaxation and posing, you need not purchase or bring props with you to the office.

How to Do Office Yoga
  1. Sit on the edge of your chair, keeping feet flat on the floor, about hip distance apart.
  2. Keep your palms on your thighs, back straight. Maintain balance so that head is over heart, heart over hips.
  3. Take a breath in and out, each for five counts. Repeat as desired.
The Overhead Stretch
  1. Start by inhaling while lifting your arms overhead, holding left wrist in right hand.
  2. While exhaling, bend to the right. Hold that position for three breaths. While inhaling, come back to the center and change wrists.
  3. Exhale, this time, lean to the left. Hold again for three breaths. Inhale and return. Exhale again, while releasing arms to sides.
  4. Move your shoulders in a circular motion, rolling them up, back and down. On fourth roll, lock fingers behind back while keeping arms as straight as possible.
  5. While inhaling, lift chest, creating a high back bend. Hold and breathe in three full breaths. While exhaling, release hands, placing them on knees while rounding spine.
  6. To perform a quick, relaxing movement, bend your head down towards your chest. With chin down, take long, slow breaths in and out. Keeping eyes closed, try to think of nothing while breathing. This will aid in calming and relaxing from whatever stress has hit.
Locating Yoga Exercises

While Yoga is not as popular as a few years back, finding information on the subject is quite simple. Doing a quick Internet search on the topic will provide several responses. Scroll through and find the ones that sound best for your situation. There are plenty of variations of office yoga, so pick and choose to make your own unique routine.

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