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How to Do a Cable Woodchop

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The cable woodchop is a great exercise that targets the obliques and other abdominal muscles. When performing this exercise, make sure that the equipment is set up properly in order to prevent injury and achieve optimal results. Once the basic form of this exercise becomes too simple, close your eyes to make this simple exercise even more challenging.

About the Cable Woodchop

The cable woodchop is a great exercise that strengthens the abdominal and oblique muscles, as well as the muscles in the arms. Strengthening these muscles is not only important to help in the stabilization of the lower back, but it can also improve muscle mass thereby increasing caloric burn and helping you achieve greater weight loss. For best results with this exercise, find a cable machine that is in proper working order. A cable machine is a piece of strength training equipment that is comprised of a variety of weights set to a pulley system with arms that can be adjusted to different heights. If you have never used one of these machines before, ask a friend or fellow gym member for a quick tour of the machine.

Positioning Your Body for the Cable Woodchop

Before performing the cable woodchop, it is important that you get your equipment into the proper position. Start by moving the right handle of the cable machine to an angle that is approximately thirty degrees from the floor. Hold the handle in both hands with your back facing the cable machine. Stand tall, with your feet spaced one foot apart and your toes pointing forwards. Allow your torso to twist down and to the right, in the direction of the downward facing arm of the cable machine. Make sure that the weight is set to an appropriate level for your current strength and ability.

Performing the Cable Woodchop

Now that you and the cable machine are in the correct position, you can begin to perform the cable woodchop. Start by taking a few deep breaths. As you exhale your next breath use the core muscles and the muscles in your arms to lift the right handlebar across and in front of your body, bringing it to an end up by your left ear. While your legs and lower body should still be facing forward at this point, your torso should now be twisted to the left. Carefully lower the handlebar back to its starting position and perform this maneuver another ten times before taking a short break. Do another two sets of ten repetitions of the cable woodchop before switching to the other side.

Increasing the Intensity of the Cable Woodchop

The cable woodchop is a great exercise if you are just starting a strength training routine. Once the basic form of this exercise becomes too simple, be sure to change it up in order to keep seeing results. One great, easy way to increase the intensity of the cable woodchop is simply by closing your eyes. Closing your eyes forces the core muscles to work harder, thereby increasing the intensity of the exercise.

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