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How to do a Bench Plank Dumbbell Row

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The bench plank dumbbell row is a form of exercise that is part of strength training. It makes significant use of the dumbbell, which is a kind of free weight that is used very commonly in weight training. The bench plank dumbbell row exercises both your neutral spine and your core muscles (which consist of your back as well as your abdominal muscles). As another benefit, it also makes you finally learn about how to pack your shoulder in the right manner.

In this workout, you will be primarily using your arm muscles to draw the free weight to your body, as you lean with one arm in a plank position on a weight bench with your feet and legs wide apart. You will need a weight bench, a dumbbell, workout clothes, free space and determination.

Get Into the Plank Position

The first step of your bench plank dumbbell row is to assume the plank position. In exercise jargon, this means that you must lie on your stomach, but then prop up your body by making sure that only your forearms as well as your toes are actually touching the ground. This plank position is an exercise in and of itself--it strengthens your abdominal, back and shoulder muscles--but it is used as the starter position for the bench plank dumbbell row for this exercise.

Spread your base, and place one arm on the weight bench, making sure that it is parallel to your chest. This ensures that it can support your chest's weight. After you make certain that you have curled your hips beneath you while also lifting your rib cage, you can be sure you have assumed the plank position.

Bend at the Elbow

Since you are going to be performing multiple repetitions and rows with your free weight dumbbell, you want to make certain that your form in drawing that free weight to your body is correct. As you start your row, pull the dumbbell from the floor toward your body. Make sure that you bend your elbow instead of pulling your whole shoulder up with the dumbbell that you are pulling toward you. At this point, you should be increasing resistance, so make it a point to breathe out as you pull up on the dumbbell while breathing out as you extend your elbow again and lower it to the floor. You also must control your pace, so that you do not get ahead of yourself.

Do 15 Repetitions Per Side

As you move through this exercise, you should take care that you exercise both sides of your body equally. To achieve this, start out with 15 repetitions of this exercise per side. With the confidence that comes from repeatedly doing this row, you ought to be able to ensure that your lat muscle is always activated with each motion. You also want to make sure that your hips remain square with the floor. As an added challenge, slowly increase the number of repetitions per side.

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