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How to do a Barbell Push Press

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The barbell push press is a type of exercise that you can do as part of your weight training, powerlifting or weightlifting regimen. A barbell is a piece of exercise equipment that can measure anywhere from four feet to seven feet. While the central part of a barbell varies, it generally is about one inch in diameter. To assist lifters who want to get a good grip, it often features engraving with a crosshatch pattern. The barbell push press is a great workout because it targets so many parts of your body: the back, arms, legs, rear end, hips and shoulders. Similarly, it works a lot of your muscles like the deltoids, traps, glutes and quads. To adequately do a barbell push press, you require a barbell, simple workout clothes, a flat surface and adequate working space.

Take up a Solid Starting Position

Using a split-stance position, step under the barbell and then grab it with your palms facing forward. Place your hands wider than shoulder width with your elbows bent and pointing away from the body. Finally, position the barbell right over your body.

Proper Form

To make sure you get the most from this push press, be sure to stiffen your core muscles (abdominal and back muscles) to stabilize your spine. Position your chest both out and up and tilt your head and slightly dip to unrack the bar; to lift the bar, just extend your knees along with your hips. Position both of your feet shoulder-width apart as you take a step back. Shift your weight across your heels.

Ensure a Good Downward Phase

At this point in the push press, you want to move your hips back and then down to establish a movement like that of a hinge at your hips. While you lower your hips, your knees will slowly move forward. This movement is not desirable or effective for this exercise, so try and limit this forward movement. Make sure your back stays in a flat posture.

Ensure a Good Upward Phase

You start from your lowered position, making sure that your head is slightly looking up. Next, push through your heels in a fast manner, extending your hips upward and also pushing both your shoulders and hips up at the same time to an upright posture.

Foster a Good Extended Phase

By this time in the barbell push press, you will have reached near full extension. Though your knees and hips may have reached full extension, continue pushing up at your toes while pressing the bar over your head into full extension. During this final overhead push, make certain that you do not arch your back under any circumstances.

Intensifying the Exercise

Once you have mastered the basic push press technique, you can think about making it more challenging by adding more weight along with speeding up the pace. To add more challenge, you should eventually be able to aggressively perform this push press motion against resistance that is heavier.

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