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How is the Bar Method Different from Yoga?

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The Bar Method is a type of exercise program that not only burns fat and increases your endurance, but also elongates and reshapes muscles to provide effects similar to those of yoga. The Bar Method uses some of the same concepts and techniques used in yoga, but also adds some twists of its own.

The Bar Method Explained

The Bar Method combines strengthening and stretching exercises to firm and tone your muscles, while also lengthening and loosening them. The Bar Method also relies on a certain amount of aerobic activity to increase your physical endurance and raise your metabolism to burn fat.

The Bar Method uses a dancer's bar (like that used by ballet dancers), and students perform intense exercises similar to those used by dancers. The Bar Method is often described as a strenuous workout that offers fast results.

How the Bar Method Compares to Yoga

A Bar Method class is about one hour long. The Bar Method, like yoga, teaches students to hold certain poses in order to firm and tone muscles. Like yoga, the Bar Method focuses on improving posture and body alignment. Unlike yoga, the Bar Method also uses aerobic interval training and adds elements of ballet and free weight training. The Bar Method also focuses on working isolated muscle groups.

Yoga places a great deal of emphasis on the connection between mind, body and spirit. It also bases practice of its poses on awareness of the breath. Many yoga instructors and students supplement their physical practice of yoga with study of the religious philosophy behind yoga. The Bar Method, however, is merely a fitness program and has no spiritual undertones.

Is the Bar Method for You?

If you're looking for an intense workout that can firm, tone, loosen and lengthen your muscles quickly, then the Bar Method might be for you. Its many benefits include increased muscle tone and strength, increased stamina, heightened metabolism and improved posture. If you're looking for a workout that can be tailored to your present level of fitness while leaving room for growth, or if you'd like to try a fitness program with spiritual roots, then yoga might be for you.

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