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How is the Bar Method Different from Pilates?

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The Bar Method is an exercise routine that's based on the routines used by dancers to maintain long, strong muscles, flexibility and good posture. It's an intense workout that works quickly to give you longer, leaner, dense muscles and burn excess body fat.

The Bar Method Explained

The Bar Method relies on a ballet barre and a series of strenuous exercises, including push ups and standing poses held for several minutes on end, to help students develop dense, elongated muscles and burn body fat. The Bar Method focuses on strengthening core muscles and can greatly improve posture.

The Bar Method works fast. Most practitioners notice improvement within six to eight weeks of doing the Bar Method three to five times a week. Bar Method classes are organized in a way that imitates interval training. Students go from burst of intense physical activity into periods of deep stretching.

How the Bar Method Differs From Pilates

The Bar Method is different from Pilates in that it doesn't rely on a lot of equipment. While Pilates classes might make use of a range of specialized exercise equipment, the only equipment the Bar Method uses is a ballet barre and, sometimes, a sturdy chair.

The Bar Method works on large muscle groups, and encourages students to hold positions for much longer than Pilates, to create more muscle density, greater strength and greater definition. Pilates works on small, individual muscles and creates lower levels of strength and flexibility.

Is the Bar Method for You?

If you're looking for an intense workout that can transform your physique in a matter of weeks, then the Bar Method might be for you. The Bar Method emphasizes full body fitness and offers an intense aerobic workout that also incorporates strength training and muscle toning.

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